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The Boycott Pledge: Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSCP)

Posted on: October 4, 2014

The Boycott Pledge: Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSCP)

Sweden recognized the Palestinian State, among score of States in Latin America.

The Palestinians are asking the UN to set 2016 as the limiting date for full recognition.

The following actions are available

VOTE: Recognition of Palestine
VOTE: Recognition of Palestine
Stop Israel’s collective punishment and assault on Gaza
Israel: stop killing children
Tell the Department for International Development to support Palestinians
Action on business guidance
Don’t trade with settlements, Sainsbury’s
Action on Gaza blockade
Act on Gaza
British Government must act to stop ethnic cleansing
Don’t buy into illegal occupation
Open letter to BBC: bias over casualty figures
Suspend the EU Israel Association Agreement
Sign our letter to David Cameron
Sign our open letter to the BBC
End Israel’s bombing and killing – act to uphold international law
Help save Al Arakib – save this bedouin village from destruction!
Sign our letter against the Prawer Plan
Exclude illegal settlement goods from the UK – Labour Pledge
Ban Settlement Goods

The Boycott Pledge

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