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Is there such a thing as Decision Fatigue? I thought the more decisions the more exilarated I should feel

Posted on: October 25, 2014

Is there such a thing as Decision Fatigue?

I thought the more I decide the more exhilarated I’ll feel

Apparently, making decision is exhausting

After all the comparing, considering options and choosing… you are exhausted

What do I know: I am not a judge, a CEO or any line manager…

A study of hundreds of verdicts shows that within a session, “courageous” judicial decisions gradually drop from 65% to almost nil “courage”.

Luckily, after recess, the judge exhibit courage and the rate climbs back to 65% of decisions that are more lenient, more humane, more intelligent, more compatible with fairness and activists human rights agendas…

Do you think that the cruel judges who sent people to the guillotine and locked people up for life were in a terrible low blood sugar content phases?

Whenever you are asked to select the time of your presentation, over given options of schedules, opt for the early sessions when the “deciders” still have high blood sugar content, such as after breakfast, light lunch or light dinner.

You have to do your due diligence to know if the decider is accustomed to taking a nap after lunch, and wait for him to feel refreshed.

By the way, as a good decision maker, you are more prone to erotic seduction.

So what are you waiting to bring in your seductive partner to critical sessions?

Is that why we are witnessing so many sexual harassment?

All of us believing that we are decision maker in some kind of potential.

The study fails to pinpoint the time of day or night when this erotic urge is more preponderant.

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