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This Day-Saving hour. Let’s save 2 hours, once for all and in all seasons

Posted on: October 27, 2014

This Day-Saving hour. Let’s save 2 hours, once for all and in all seasons

And delay the school schedules for kindergarten and elementary kids 2 hours.

It stands to reason that these tiny creatures be saved from this modern initiation to early slavery apprenticeship.

Kids need to wake up as the weather is warmer.

And the elderly be saved from staying awake longer than necessary during the extended day seasons.

As well as kids. They don’t have to get used to black rags covering their eyes to sleep.

And reducing significantly the Time Zones around the world.

And saving much needed electric bills on the sprawling mega-polis that are kept illuminated at night

Benjamin Franklin’s ingenious idea was mind boggling 3 centuries ago, and he managed to convince the French King Louis 16 to save one day hour during winter so that people will be more productive (and maybe save a few whales for their precious oil)

Every year, Russia is still undecided and keeps altering its decisions: No for switching hours, no for decreasing Time Zones from 11 to 9…

People need something that don’t change all year round, anything that make them feel safe and secure in their convictions.

Production my ass.

Have anyone asked people how they want Time to be altered?

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