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Why Palestinians in West Bank feel trampled and humiliated by Israel settlers?

The Palestinians are not armed and the Palestinian Authority shields the settlers

A dozen Palestinian youths have been shot and killed at close range with live bullets by settlers and Israel army in the West Bank last month.

A Captain emptied his machine gun on a US Palestinian youth of 14 and was acquitted.

Extracts from 3 Hamas governmental documents that completely debunk the dark picture western media has painted around this organisation, and to re-confirm that it is Israel who is standing in the way of the two-state solution:

“We stress the need to reinforce the spirit of tolerance, cooperation, coexistence among the Muslims, the Christians, and the Samaritans in the framework of citizenship that does not discriminate against any on the basis of religion or creed.”

“The right of return of all Palestinian refugess and displaced persons to their land and properties, and the right to self-determination and all other national rights, are in-alienable and cannot be bargained away from any political concessions.”

“The organizing system of the Palestinian political action should be based on political freedoms, pluralism, the freedom to form parties, to hold elections, and on the peaceful rotation of power.

These are guarantees for the implementation of reforms and for fighting corruption and building a developed Palestinian civil society…

[Hamas will] adopt dialogue and reason to resolve internal disputes, and will forbid infighting or the use or threat of force in internal affairs. [Hamas will] emphasize respect for public liberties including the freedom of speech, the press, assembly, movement, and work.

[Hamas] forbids arbitrary arrest based on political opinion. It will maintain the institutions of civil society and activate its role in monitoring and accountability.

[Hamas] will guarantee the rights of minorities and respect them in all aspects on the basis of full citizenship… Public money belongs to all Palestinians and should be used for comprehensive Palestinian development in ways that fulfill social justice and fairness in geographical distribution without misuse, squandering, usurpation, corruption, and defalcation.”

“We will stress transparency and accountability in dealing with public funds… [and] modernize laws and regulations in order to increase the efficiency of the executive system… and embrace decentralization and delegation of power and participation in decision making.

[Hamas] will revise the policy of public employment in ways that will guarantee equal opportunities on the basis of qualification.”

“The aim is to achieve equality before the law among citizens in rights and duties; bring security to all citizens and protect their properties and assure their safety against arbitrary arrest, torture, or regenge; stress the culture of dialogue…; support the press and media institutions and maintain the right of journalists to access and publish information, maintain freedom and independence of professional syndicates and preserve the rights of their membership.”

“Our hands will remain extended to all. Consultation and dialogue on all issues of common concern will always remain our policy to achieve the supreme national interests of our people and nation. The door for participation in the government will remain open. This homeland is for all, it is the destiny and future of all.”

“Our people have shown all creativity in their resistance to the occupation and set an example of patience, sacrifice, and steadfastness. Their creativity will also, God willing, be displayed in building and construction and in reinforcing the democratic choice, something that, if it succeeds, will be a model to be followed by freedom fighters and noble people in the world.”

Source: Hroub, Khaled (2006) A “New Hamas” Through its New Documents. Journal of Palestinian Studies, 35 (4). pp.6-27

Tonnie Choueiri  pointed out the story of Haia Abdel to my attention.

“We never had Hamas in the West Bank and yet the conditions there are more deplorable than ever!

At least in Gaza, Hamas arms their militants and they can shoot at an Israeli settler who is trespassing into Palestinian property.

I lived in a village in the WestBank for two years and saw horrific incidents happen to my family from these illegal settlers! Israel arms these Ben zonas and places them in the middle of our villages to terrorize and wreck havoc on us.

They come down at night and shoot their ak47s in our streets, burn our crops, inject our crops with chemicals, uproot and steal our trees, burn our cars, and in one case they even kidnapped my 6 year old cousin for an hour!

Remember that we Palestinian civilians cannot arm ourselves, it’s illegal. we can only call the Israeli army who come and protect the settlers instead of protecting us! We are told every time “go to Beit el and make a complaint” we go and then it really depends on the officers mood that day, sometimes he jots something down on a paper in hebrew so we can’t read it, but most of the times, he does nothing.

Slowly and surely every month, they would say that our land is under a military order because of all the problems (remember these are problems the Shilo and mizpe rahel mezdayens caused) and move in closer and closer into our properties, they confiscate it, and give it to the illegal settlers! This is land which my family along with all the other families in the village own deeds to!

So, if we get upset and try to remove settlers from our land, we are arrested, shot at, and labeled terrorists. If we spend money and energy to take these illegal settlers to Israeli courts and the court rule years later that we are right, no one removes the illegal settlers and they stay and build on our land anyway!

What are we to do?

How can we protect our lands and properties?

We are a farming village, our livelihoods depend on our crops and our lands.

I should mention that mizpe rahel already has taken over 1,000 dunums of our land in the past 3 years alone!”
Haia Abdel


Handle Expectations with care

Expectations are intangibles, but their effect is quite real.

There is no such thing as “a bad guess, my mistake” in the financial analysis market.

One lousy cent lower than analysts’ forecast and the shares take a plunge.

Many companies bent over backward to meet financial analysts’ predictions. To escape from this Terror, companies started to publish their own estimate labelled “earning guidance

The companies shot themselves in the foot as the analysts were heeding only these internal forecast, and studying more closely the companies performance and errors to boot.

Closely linked to personal expectation  is the placebo effect.

Placebo are pills, treatments and therapies that are unlikely to improve health, but do so anyway.

Apparently, one third of patients who are given placebo get better because the biochemistry of the brain is altered by motivation.

Obviously, if you have a dead brain or a damaged brain (Alzheimer) then placebo has no effects whatsoever.

Teachers who are told that the next  bunch of students have high IQ levels will do their best in order reach the performance expected from these students. These average students actually improve a lot at the end of the year.

Raise your expectations and those you care for in order to increase motivation in matters that you can control.

Best to anticipate surprises in order to better shield yourself from their nastiness.

Read The Art of Thinking Clear


Overflow your Enemy with massive pieces of intelligence and information

Why we fail to grasp the critical facts that are available and prefer to rely on massive analysis of data?

It is well known that the biggest investment in energy and time of secret services in any major State is to disseminate pieces of intelligence to the enemy, many are correct so that the critical false information are believed. The tactics of disseminating redundant information in order to overflow the party with erroneous critical pieces of facts is as old as time.

Though the multinational financial institutions don’t mind any piece of intelligence: They have the means to sort out what they want in a moment notice since the kind of data are mostly facts gathered by machines.

The same goes with the State’s intelligence gathering institutions to “monitor” the Affairs of the State.

Only the few in these institutions think they know what exactly they are searching for in order to destabilize the markets and be the first to exploit even the air we breath.

If you never heard of San Antonio and heard something of the city of San Diego, you are inclined to believe that San Diego is more populous than San Antonio, and you’ll be correct. If an information is a household name, such as Chicago people who are familiar with both cities (due to basketball games?), they guessed this fact right 66% of the time, though German people guessed right over 90% of the time. That’s not a proper example for this topic, I just couldn’t help interjecting this fact.

The vast library of research, studies, expert opinions, comments, PowerPoint presentations on the financial state before 2008…. where they all Hot Air?  None of these pieces of intelligence could predict the crisis, and least of all the timing of the financial crash.

My opinion is that the timing was mostly political in nature since the advent of the crisis was confirmed to be unavoidable by the US administration as well as a few major superpowers.

And the timing for declaring the crisis was also known by the major leaders of the economic superpowers that the US had close interest with, economically and politically, such as China, Canada and England, and the preparations were planned and the major critical decisions of “after the crisis” were decided upon.

Daniel J. Boorstin wrote: “The greatest obstacle to discovery is the illusion of knowledge” and the successive paradigm shifts in all disciplines are keeping knowledge on its toes.




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