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Memorabilia? This effort justification prize?

Posted on: November 1, 2014

Memorabilia? This effort justification prize?

Suppose a fire broke into your house and you got a lousy minutes to gather what you feel is the most precious of your belonging.

Obviously, you’ll leave your gold and diamond jewels: They won’t melt in the fire, and you’ ll have plenty of time to rummage through the debris to retrieve them later.

Probably you’ll snatch the album of your younger years photos

Probably you’ll locate the box that contains the gifts of your sweet hearts and dear friends

Most probably you won’t forget this small box, closest to your heart, which has the ribbons, insignia, badges. stars, totems, medals… that have insignificant monetary price attached to them, but that are the dearest to your heart: They represent your humiliations, indignities, suffering that you went through before the institution” decided that you earned them.

Many of us cling to one or a few memorabilia that remind them of the effort they endured to earn a badge, a reward, a souvenir…

Why gangs, fraternities, armies… initiate bitter and humiliating rites to the members of their group?

And the harder the “entrance exam” is to pass, the greater the subsequent pride and the value attached to membership.

What we assemble ourselves seems more valuable than any expensive designer piece.

If you want to sell any product, allow the customer a small personal effort or a step in the ready-made assembly or the cooking of the cake mixes.

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