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Can you beat Homemade cooking? Not-Invented-Here syndrome

Posted on: November 7, 2014

Can you beat Homemade cooking? Not-Invented-Here syndrome

You have ingredients that you love to eat separately. Mix these ingredients and the result is not that tasty. I learned never to mix ingredients

You created a new cooking recipe. Never tell your guests that it is of your invention: They’ll make sure not to like your cooking. Lie through your teeth and say: “This a secret recipe, a tried-and true concoction that I learned from my grand mother.

You may try to invent a new sauce: Somehow, all sauces have been tried out without your knowledge. The kinds of sauce used are of the category “tried-and-true recipe.

You fall in love with your own ideas, for all kinds of solutions and designs that you put forth.

In-house designs and products are considered the best for clients in almost all companies. Even proposals by subsidiary companies are not good enough, compared to your tried-an -tested designs.

If you need to properly evaluate your ideas and designs, split your team in two: One team for generating the ideas and designs and the other for testing, assessing, evaluating and rating them compared to competitors products (a blind testing is necessary)

For example, shrewd ideas are overlooked when the source is from a foreign culture.

One of the major factors in start-ups frequent miserable returns is their self-confidence in what they newly designed.

Question: What could be your solution for reducing water consumption in your city without limiting it by law?

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