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“You are cutting our breathing air”: Palestinians in Jerusalem under persistent harassment

Posted on: November 23, 2014

“You are cutting our breathing air”: Palestinians in Jerusalem under persistent harassment

I simply can’t imagine how Palestinians survive this never-ending suffocation without collectively combusting.

It is a miracle. The fact that there is as little violence from Palestinians as there is.

During yesterday’s interview on Democracy Now, Rashid Khalid said increased settlement activity in East Jerusalem had penetrated “neighborhood after neighborhood, Arab neighborhoods that have never seen armed settlers, with a heavy military and police presence to guard them, are now slowly, but surely, being colonized one by one. And so, you’re basically turning up the heat on a very, very hot situation, and that’s been going on now for many months.”

Is it, by design, creating a tinderbox intended to make people snap?

In that same interview, Eran Efrati said the goal has always been to oppress Palestinians so much and make their lives so miserable as to make people leave and go crazy. “The end goal in the end to make them want to leave also made them want to do crazy things, like attacks on Jews and on Israelis.”

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A video of a traffic stop in East Jerusalem reflects perfectly how an ordinary person might respond to a constant police presence, a suffocation that’s untenable.

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