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Get rid of jobs others can do for you: And start working on your business

“When you get rid of every job you do that could be done by someone else, something needs to fill your time.

And what you discover is that you’re imagining growth, building partnerships, rethinking the enterprise (working on your business instead of in it, as the emyth guys would say).

Right now, you don’t even see those jobs, because you’re busy doing things that feel efficient instead.” – Seth Godin

(I call this lovely break “Daydreaming in details and in depth”)

The jobs only you can do

One of the milestones every entrepreneur passes is when she stops thinking of people she hires as expensive (“I could do that job for free”) and starts thinking of them as cheap (“This frees me up to do something more profitable.”)

Sign your work

We expect authors, painters and singers to identify themselves, to sign the work they do.

And surgeons and lawyers as well.

What about managers, committee members, engineers and everyone else who makes something?

Who made this policy? Who designed this menu? Who approved this project?

If you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it. If you are proud of what you achieved, sign your work and own the results.

We’ll know who to thank.

If you work for a place where work goes unsigned (internally, in particular) it’s worth asking why.

(A team of 8 members working on the same project invest half their energy, relying on the other members to cover up for their inactions. So make a habit of signing every milestone of what you did)

Are the dying telling us about

Six sense, telepathy, psy-perception

Every field of study or discipline invent its own terminology in order to:

1.  give the illusion that it is different from the other disciplines and

2.  convince the graduates that they have their own identity, knowledge and spot in the work place.

What discipline these terminologies strike you to belong to?

Anomalous cognition, grief hallucination, terminal lucidity, entangled mind, Ganzfeld experiment, spontaneous telepathic, near-death experience, out-of-body experience, anomalous retroactive influence, non-intentional precognition, antedating cortical development, primitive form of perception, presentiment, depersonalization, shock thought, unio mystica

Patricia Pearson published “Opening Heaven’s Door“.

What the dying tell us about where they’re going?

Blessed are those who mourn.

The book is of 7 chapters:

1. An unexpected vision

2. What the dying see: Near death awareness

3. Signals and waves: Uncanny experiences at the moment of death

4. Astral father: Sensed presence phenomena

5. How the dying attain peace? (Pure exhaustion?)

6. What NDE tell us about where the dying go?

7. Living in the aftermath: Walking the enchanted boundaries


A few Statistics: Victims of Police Violence Are Mostly Blacks

A Pew study found that 63% of white and 20% of black people think that Michael Brown’s death at the hands of Darren Wilson (who resigned the force) is not about race.

Those people are wrong.

When Force is Hardest to Justify, Victims of Police Violence Are Most Likely to be Black

African Americans are, in fact, far more likely to be killed by police.

Among young men, blacks are 21 times more likely to die at the hands of police than their white counterparts.

But, are they more likely to precipitate police violence?  No. The opposite is true.

Police are more likely to kill black people regardless of what they are doing. In fact, “the less clear it is that force was necessary, the more likely the victim is to be black” (source).

1 (4)

That’s data from the FBI.

This question was also studied by sociologist Lance Hannon.

With an analysis of over 950 non-justifiable homicides from police files, he tested whether black people were more likely to take actions that triggered their own murder. The answer was no.

He found no evidence that blacks were more likely than whites to engage in verbal or physical antecedents that explained their death.

There is lots more evidence if one bothers to go looking for it.

So, no. Just… no.

This is about race. It is very, very obviously about race.

It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a scientific question that has been asked and answered.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Note: Centuries of oppressions and uprising have left their mark on the racial issue in the USA. White are scared shit of blacks, even female blacks, and Blacks are afraid shit of the police force when it converges to the neighbourhood, and especially when the blacks are away from their neighbourhood.

Most probably, new recruits from white police officers are not comfortable when confronting a robust black male, and any sign of closing distance between the two bring a violent reaction from the white officer.

On the other hand, many blacks take advantage of the police force keeping a distance from them in order to exaggerate their outlawed activities, mainly the petty thefts and mugging.




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