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Dream in white, totally besieged by cascading small white pools of water

Posted on: December 12, 2014

Dream in white, surrounded with cascading small white pools

Water everywhere. Anyway I go I end up trapped with small white pools.

Little pools of water, pools of white floor, white ceiling

No colors, no blue, no green, not even beige.

High ceiling, as high as 6 floors, open spaces, a maze of little white pools.

Little white pools, water smoothly and softly  flowing from one small to the next little white pool.

A guide bring half a dozen tourists in need for a dip, and she left them there.

The tourists are not pleased with this setting and this small pool.

They get moving up and down a few stairs of white marble and white stone

Intending to locate another pool, all similar, all white, all shallow.

Maybe in a slightly different shape. Not sure.

I tell the tourists: “Where are you going? There’s nothing else to see or find.

You’ll be turning in a circle, and might return to the same white pool”

I have no idea why my dream loaded me with a pack of loose white sheet of papers.

I am not wearing any swimming trunk, but I wear winter boots to boot it.

I have to get in a pool and get wet in order to reach another pool that seems closer to exit

But I can’t even refresh my anxiety.

No signs whatsoever. No exit sign, no entry sign, no arrows, no guidance directive.

Where the toilets? where are the windows?

Where’s everybody? Can’t see anyone to ask for the exit.

I’m totally lost in this hellish, spacious white environment.

I can’t see the outside, the color of horizon, the color of the land, the color of any plant.

I want myself out and ready to cry from despair.

I stumbled on a woman worker, decked in white, and I screamed:

“Please, take me by the hand and show me the way out”

East way? No, west way. What do I care, north, south, any exit will do.

I am looking for any kind of horizon, where this environment start, where it can end.

White small pools in cascading design, though the water doesn’t seem to cascade.

Just flowing smoothly and noiselessly from one pool to another, at infinity.

I forced myself out of this white hell of water of a dream in white.

Note 1: Before I went to bed, I was watching the Tree of Life of Terrence Malik. The movie had already  long started but it ended. That’s how it seemed to me. Sean Pen was working as an architect in a high-rise white building, open space, and everything inside was white and stainless steel, and he was looking lost in his working environment.

After I woke out of my dream, I turned the TV on, and here the Tree of Life is back. This time from the beginning, the entire beginning of time, life and my dream

Note 2: The dream started as a recurring dream from yesterday. I walk from my place to another building with a swimming pool, and the trip is quite convoluted, from narrow opening, to wild forest, to unmaintained stretches of corridors…

This time around, at every return trip, one of my regular exit path is blocked for construction and I have to figure out alternative routes. Three times my return trip was made harder and harder, and the last time my alternative sense of direction guided me to this hellish white pool of environment.


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