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Contradictory meanings need not have the same words or roots: To Love and Be in Love

Posted on: December 17, 2014



Contradictory meanings need not have the same roots: To Love and Be in Love

To love is to act. a process of activities: Listening, discussing, reaching compromise, tending a helpful hand

To Be in Love is to have an image of what we want and expect of the other person. We do not seek to observe and comprehend the real person.

We are in a state of delusion and only playing the game of the delusional lover with this “In Love” person may aid him recognize his state and move on. This is the “Gradiva” notion, a term used in Jensen that Freud analysed.

I am crazy of being in love, my delirium is unreasonable in the eyes of the others and I know it. And yet I cannot help myself recounting my state of affairs in a wise way. Nothing is sacred in me.

To be Crazy was defined as “He is another person“, a depersonalized individual.

Do you believe a confirmed crazy person can be in love?

It may very well be that To be Crazy is a means to return to the normal self, a subject with a shadow, because I consist, and I don’t socialize yet.

A person Being in Love wants and need confirmation by pictures of who the other person is meeting with, even though he knows what is happening.  That’s why we hire private investigators.

Simply because it is what we see that deepen of bruises the most.

The form of the relationship is all that matters. And nothing is beyond the actual image.

The biggest of uncertainty is “How much do I know of the Desires of the person I’m in love with”

Facing the reality that we are unable to uncover this enigma of the other person set of desires institutes a religious kind of belief system “I believe totally in her and need no facts or tangible knowledge about her. She has become a myth for me.”

The eternal feminine attracts us and elevates us.

These two emotions of to love and be in love correspond to Infatuation and Admiration.

When we admire an author, a musician, a painter… our opinions might be divergent.

We still can admire the talent, the internal effort of the author to better himself, be current and had acquired a comprehensive knowledge in many domains.

An author striving to have a universal reach for future generations.

Infatuation connote a local and short term passion to emulate an artist in everything, to the point of mindlessness.

Infatuation leaves a taste of bitterness as we outgrow the period and realize how foolish and immature we behaved.

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