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“This sick animal among all animal species”: Mankind’s situation between the beast and the angel

Posted on: January 11, 2015







“This sick animal among all animal species”: Mankind confronting unnatural tensions

Mankind is in a constant tension between what nature requires and what the spirit imposes on him: A situation between the beast and the angel.

The Will is but acting on a doubt, otherwise we are mostly  not ready to confront truth and the essence of the world.

Schopenhauer wrote:

“The domain of the Self is this obscure and impenetrable part of our personality. The little we know of the Self we had acquired by studying and reflecting on our dreams and the formation of the symptoms in the neurotic people.

The Self has two openings to the influences of the physical body and to the impulses (pulsion) of the psychic needs and desires.  These impulses fill the person with chaotic energy and cannot get rid of these impulses by adopting any wholesome willing process.

The person has to satisfy the impulses. No logical procedure is at work.

For example, this principle of non-contradiction has no effect on the tumultuous internal influences that seem Not to eliminate one another or weaken any of the impulses.”

The unconscious mind refutes the set of value judgment, morality, the good and evil dichotomy, or even the influence of time in the succession of events in the realm of the conscious mind.

C.G. Jung stated:

It is more convincing and more natural to look at how events come to me rather than observing how I have produced these events

Sciences has done No discoveries that philosophy didn’t authorize to do, or guided the conduct of the research.

Has the world ever been transformed without the mind acting on a doubt?

It is the animal nature in mankind that provided and projected all the necessary data to formulate valid hypothesis.

We have got to reach a level of confidence that the subject and the object form one entity. This is the fundamental point that links mankind to his created God in any religion.

Otherwise, we remain totally confused and in disarray.

Most of us lead our life according to a typical formal biography: the destiny of a  caste, an economic  class, a profession, the color of our skin, family condition, the immediate environment we live in…

We can talk of a typical “lived life” as of a living myth.

The interest in myths is inherent in our psychoanalyse, which is linked to the poetic creation: Totem and Tabou

If in our maturity we fail to discover what is eternally valid in the deep mystic in us, we are doomed to spiritual misery: We have got to agree that what we did and the events we submitted to had sources in the deepest level of our psychic and that they are all legitimate activities and thinking.

It is this continuity in the living history, the typicality we adhere to, that allow us to function and move.

In antiquity, it was natural to incarnate a mythical entity, a God, a semi-God…and emulate their behaviour and adopt their line of thought: The past was necessary for the present.

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