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My temporarily bedridden Mother is enjoying a 5-Stars services at home

Posted on: January 24, 2015


My Mother is enjoying a 5-Stars services at home (Short story)

A couple of days after dad passed away and we buried him and received the marathon town condolescence, mother got up early in the morning and fell.

No bones were broken, but she has been almost bedridden for 3 weeks now and barely uses the walker a couple of times per day to walk a few feet to the WC, for the bigger need.

She said that the pain is behind the knee, a tad lower.

This 85 year-old woman suffering from arthritis used to work in the kitchen for 6 hours straight, even when her back was aching, is in bed and being served.

This 85 year-old woman who thought it was her responsibility to cook for two large families is in need for someone else to cook for her and serve her.

This 85 year-old woman who cared for my bedridden dad for 3 years just waited for father to pass away in order to crawl in bed and be served.

In order to be certain that no bones were broken, we carried her down on a chair and whisked her to the hospital. The bone physician did an X-ray and declared that no bones are broken and ordered strong Panadol for the leg joints.

So why mother is still aching and barely able to walk with a walker?

A week ago, mother was feeling better and decided at my instigation to sleep again in her bed (my parents bedroom) instead of the living room. The next morning, mother declared she heard something snapping behind her left knee and decided that she should feel pain. Now the pain is in her calf.

Mother is back sleeping in the living room and denying me the joy of watching cables till 2 am, as I used to do.

I serve mother 3 meals and two snacks each day.

Around 6 pm, mother got the habit of asking me: “What’s the menu for supper?”

She has a few restrictions:

1. No serving from the dish she ate at lunch

2. No serving from dishes she ate yesterday: Her stomach is sensitive for leftover

3. Avocado has to come with ail and lemon juice

4. Almost everything has to taste salty

5. She has a sweet tooth too and needs desert

6. She prefers what kids love to eat such as salty crackers, peanuts, French fries…

7. She needs an orange in the afternoon: Her throat feels dry

8. She demands her cup of Turkish coffee in the morning and very hot

9. I make sure mother has a assortment of vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce…

10. Boiled vegetables have to be cooked as hot soup

Mother was never a big eater, but she is enjoying the varied services.

Mother was never a big eater, but she indulged during events, tasting every dish as professional cooks do, particularly the sweet dishes and cakes.

And she never gained a pound: she is almost a skeletal now and much shorter.

My sister living on the third floor has become an excellent cook, particularly on events where guests are to eat at her house. Normally, my sister didn’t care to cook every day, following her kids taste for ready-made nuggets, hamburger, French fries, and plenty of ketchup and mustard and…

In the last 3 weeks, my sister has been back at cooking every day, and diversifying according to mother taste and wishes. I do eat every thing and don’t fuss, which save me the toil of learning to cook.

I have to do the dishes, wash the cloths, mop the floor, vacuum, clean whatever needs to be cleaned and take care of the house. Among other tasks, such as caring for the garden, reading, writing, publishing, and going after official documents…


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