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Why Israeli women prefer to join army rather than getting married to avoid forced enlistment?

Posted on: February 12, 2015

Why Israeli women prefer to join army rather than getting married to avoid forced enlistment?

Women constitute 33% of Israel armed forces.  Theoretically, they should form 50%, except that married women, pregnant women and for religious reasons they may opt out from serving 2 full years in the army.

In around 1955, a US vice president visited Israel and noticed that most Israeli couples living in the kibbutz preferred not to get married. He pointed out to Golda Meir, minister of habitat, that to populate Israel couple should get engaged in marrying and bringing up children. “Modern” Israelis relied on constant flow of poor immigrant Jews, flooding from many corners of the world, in order to settle in a promised homeland.

Golda started a program of incentives and building apartments for couples willing to marry and bring children.

68 years after the founding of the State of Israel on Palestinian lands and at the expense of Palestinians fleeing the genocide of the Zionists, Israeli couples still are reluctant to marry and get engaged in forming a family.

Why should they?

Constant preemptive wars launched by Israel on neighboring countries and living in a State of total militarization is not a conducive environment for bringing up children. Particularly that deep down, Israelis know full well that the trend of continuous apartheid policies has proven that the situation cannot last and they will have to pay for all the killing, assassination, humiliation and denigration of the Palestinian people.

The women not serving in the army are mainly from orthodox religious sects and Sepharad behaving with traditions similar to the Moslems: Marrying the children, and especially their girls very early on.

The trend in the last 3 decades is that women serving in the army are from “westernized classes” and over 50% of the rank and file of the males come from these same orthodox sects who votes for the “purity of Israel composed solely of traditional Jews”

Why women prefer to join the army rather than finding options out?

The permissive environment in the army encourage women to indulge in all the free sexual, drug addiction, dangerous associations, away from the close family scrutiny, attention and interference.

Most of the girls serving 2 years in the army graduate as cruel, insensitive and hardened persons.

They have to end up that way, as their male counterparts, since the Israeli army refuse to bring to trial soldiers who behaved violently against the Palestinians and every time got away from their bad behavior.

I doubt that parents will encourage their males to marry this brand of females.



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