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Heart and Mind Story: Young Raja Oueis passed away a week ago, of cancer

Posted on: February 23, 2015


He lives in the moment, because a moment is fleeting – what is life for if not to live, think, love, exist in the moment.

He isn’t worried. He isn’t phased.

He knows life will continue whether he steps to smell the roses or not.

He Knows that he will learn, change, adapt, evolve, … Newer versions of himself will emerge …

Love had a way of emerging as soon as he wore his heart on his sleeve … 

His heart – is now exposed, vulnerable, yet free and alive.

Another part of him seeks similar emergence – his mind. 

Just as love requires an object on which to focus, the mind requires one, in order for ideas to emerge.

The opening, through which his ideas will spring forth, lies ahaed – a change of institution, a change of country, perhaps just a change in which things are created.

The opening widens as technology advances and he watches, wide-eyed, at a loss for knowing where to begin. A creator desires to create.

Through the opening, his mind plants the seeds of budding ideas: augmented reality, telepresence, a world where organic technology doesn’t sound like an ocymoron –

These seeds need care to grow, they need diligent work and focus. However, these seeds will never grow, the mind will never emerge through the openings granted by opportunity, if he does not also live and love …

Hence, his life, his love, his thoughts interact in the playground of his mind. 

Instead of a sandbox, there is gray matter, to immerse oneself in. 

Instead of a slide, there are ridges and valleys to slide down.

Instead of a jungle gym, there are synapes to jump across.

Instead of a water fountain, there is a stream of consciousness,

all in the mental playground, from which all emerges.

Raja Oueis

2013 – written during a creative co-sensing circle


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