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The beautiful Lebanese girl (La Belle Libanaise)

Posted on: March 7, 2015





The beautiful Lebanese girl (La Belle Libanaise)

Book review of Georges Ducrocq. The story and observations of the way of life in Lebanon and Palestine in the early 1920’s and published in 1930.

My review focus on the status of affairs in Lebanon and Palestine. The love story will be relegated to the footnote.

The hostel in Nakoura (Lebanon border town in the south with current Israel) was run by an Israelite family, a front- post that the Zionist movement established in order to annex south Lebanon.

This family has already many grievances: It is upset with border check-points that paralyze their commerce with Haifa, the exclusively destined for that town of 20,000, of their produce in grapes and cereal .

The son has a kind of historic hallucination and talk in psalmody rhythm. He told me that each Jews arriving from the USA or England received 50 British pound in order to purchase a piece of land in Palestine and Lebanon.

And I got into wondering: “Is our mandate outdated and the evacuation of our troops already decided in London?”

The Zionists are giving priority to annexing the Golan Heights (Hermon) and the Litany valley.

Plans for annexing Tyr, Sidon Banias, Moussmieh, Deraa, Kunetra are in the pipeline.

Colonel Kisch, the delegate of the Zionism Executives, is in Beirut in order to institute immediately a Zionist federation on all of Syria. The chief executive is Sakalov and the grand President is Weizmann.

Every month, 2,000 immigrant Jews land in Jaffa, mainly from central Europe. The World Zionist organization has a ministry in the British government and buy lands belonging to the Ottoman Treasury and from the Greek orthodox Patriarch

The Anglo-Palestinian Bank extend loans to Jews at 3% interest rate and at 10% to Palestinians.

90% of the Jewish funds are generated in the USA.

The British mandated power over Palestine consider the 675,000 Palestinians as an inconsequential number, but legislate primarily for the 80,000 Jews living in Palestine.

The French mandated power over Syria and Lebanon has already ceded the fertile region of Houleh to the Jewish colonies.

(This French mandated power will also cede a big chunk of northern Syria to Turkey in 1922 and again in 1937)

Haifa was a quaint arid town of 20,000. 8,000 were Muslims, 7,000 Greek Catholics, 2,000 newly arrived Jews, one thousand of Greek Orthodox, 600 German protestants, and 500 French Catholics and called Latins.

The Jews in Haifa were of Bolsheviks tendencies and called the Polytechnicon, teaching all kinds of sciences and preaching practical usage of the goods and instant gratification of pleasure. The girls had their hair cut short a la garson. By and by, the British started to sorting these out and denying them entry into Palestine.

Note 1: Georges Ducrocq was attached to the headquarter of Gen. Weygand in Syria. He wrote “Les Marches de l’Est”

Note 2: The love story is between the French officer Francois Thegonnec and Dania Chmaly.

Thegonnec is from Bretagne and was attached to the Army of the Levant after suffering serious injuries during WWI. He was reappointed to France and is taking a last vacation that should lead him to Palestine and visiting the sacred Christian locations.

Dania spent 10 years at the Dames of Nazareth school in Beirut as her parents were amassing a fortune in Montevideo in Latin America. Dania parents are back to Lebanon and built a sumptuous villa in Beit Mery. The father has a high level job in the Anglo-Palestinian Bank branch in Haifa.

Note 3: The author described the Lebanese, essentially the Christian Maronite sect inhabiting the mountain towns, as basically vain people. He said that the immigrant amass fortune and 70% of the reason for their return home is to just spike and overlord it on the neighbors and town people of their new wealth status. They build the first floor of a large house, go back to amass for wealth and build a second and third floor so that the house stand out in height and size to the surrounding domiciles.

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