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Lebanese immigrants: Why did you leave?

Posted on: March 22, 2015


Lebanese immigrants: Why did you leave?

Every year, over 30,000 Lebanese emigrate to “greener pastures”” and are replaced by 50,000 Syrian refugees.

Do you think this could be the proper form for gathering statistics?

Are there more interesting questions to ponder upon?

What could be the purpose for this questionnaire?

This could be a good form for every immigrant to use as starting points to develop and write his autobiography.


Indie, Mar 4, 2015

Here are the questions to Lebanese immigrants. Jo, feel free to make this into another thread if you think it would be better.

1 – How long have you lived abroad?

What country did you move to?

How easily did you adapt?

2 – What were your motivations for leaving?

Overall, did you get what you wanted or were you disappointed?

3 – What did you gain and what did you lose by moving away from Lebanon?

Did you gain things you had not considered or anticipated?

Did you lose things you had not considered or anticipated?

4 – When you left, did you think to yourself it was for good, or did you think you would move back to Lebanon eventually?

Do you still feel the same,

Have your plans changed since moving?

If your plans have changed, why is that?

5 – Do you feel torn between Lebanon and your new country (i.e. You see advantages and disadvantages to both).

Do you categorically prefer one to the other.

What do you like / dislike about Lebanon,

What do you like / dislike about your new country?

6 – If you’re happily abroad, what would it take for you to want to move back to Lebanon (if anything).
If you’re unhappy abroad, what would it take to reconcile you with the idea of not living in Lebanon anymore (if anything)?​
7 – If you’re someone who’s equally torn between Lebanon and your new country, how do you deal with it?
For example, maybe you love your job abroad, but still have family in Lebanon.
Or, maybe you want to move back to Lebanon but all your family has moved out and isn’t there anymore.
Maybe you love the climate in one place, and the lifestyle in the other.
Feel free to give examples of your own.​
8 – Do you ever feel confused about what you want: for example, craving the chaos of Lebanon when you’re abroad where many behaviors are too orderly, and craving order when you’re in Lebanon?
Feel free to give examples of your own.​

9 – Is Lebanon still your home (as much, less, or more than your country of adoption)?

Or is Lebanon just a place to visit?

How often do you visit Lebanon and for what reasons?

Would you prefer to visit more often or less often if your circumstances permitted?

10 – Do you ever feel like you don’t know where home really is?

Or, that you don’t feel 100% at home anywhere?

11 – Have you ever, or do you still suffer from nostalgia or homesickness?

12 – Idealistically, do you feel it’s a patriotic duty to stay and make Lebanon better (even if you don’t personally feel up to the task)?

Or, do you think that everyone should just think of their own well-being and that of their family?

13 – If you’re established abroad and never plan on moving back, how do you feel knowing that in a few generations, your kids / grandkids will probably not be Lebanese anymore?

Jeanine Fakhoury shared this link of The Orange Room on FB.

Questions to Lebanese Emigrants

Here are some questions to Lebanese emigrants.
We would really want to know more details about your emigration experience. Are you happy ?

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