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“Train the experimental mind of your students…” Eminent cancer healer Professor Philip Adeeb Salem

Posted on: April 5, 2015





 “Train the experimental mind of your students…” Professor Philip Adeeb Salem

Professor Philip Adeeb Salem” is the eminent worldwide recognized  cancer researcher and healer.

The philosophy in education is to form experimental minds, capable of change and adaptation. Train the mind for scientific experimental design instead of transferring repetitive knowledge…

Healthcare, from prevention, inoculation, early detection… should be an integral part of human rights charter in the UN: Without a healthy life, there is not much oo human rights to mind for.


Philip was born in 1941, the youngest of four other boys. His mother was the sister of Charles Malek who participated in writing the UN charter in San Francisco, 1946.

He received a grant from the British cultural center in Beirut to study medicine at AUB (1961-65) with a monthly pocket money of 400 LL (That was a fortune at the time).

He specialized in the USA under David Karnovsky, an eminent cancerologue and returned to Lebanon .

In 1987, Philip was teaching and practicing at the AUB Hospital  when he was warned that he is to be kidnapped in this lengthy civil war. The family decided to return to the USA.

He was the first physician to discover:

1.  the direct link between cancer and chronic ailments, particularly in the small intestine (frequent dhiarriya,  loss of appetite, loss of weight, inflammation of the fingers and toes… EPSID)

2. The link between Herpes and neck of the vagina

3. Bilharzia and prostate cancer.

4. Tamoxifen can decrease by 50% the incident of breast cancer.

5. Inoculation by Gardsell prevent the inflammation of the neck of the vagina

6. He developed the protocol for the usage of Sisplatinim by injecting the dose  over 5 days instead of once.

7. Recommended the resumption of chemo therapy even after the cancer disappeared.

8. Proceed on shrinking the tumour before any operation

9. He introduced the team work in treating cancer patients.

10. He insists on communicating and knowing the patient before starting any treatment. He coaxed the patient to telling him his hobbies and share with him his hobbies in poetry, literature and philosophical thoughts. It is the confidence and strong bond between the patient and the physician that may create the miracle of healing.

11. He is the first to get a chair at St. Luke Presbyterian Hospital in Houston. Currently, only 10 out of 700 physicians in the hospital received a chair.

The two physicians who received the Nobel Prize of medicine in 2005 (Barry Marshal and Robin Warren) based their hypothesis on Salem’s research that bacteria Bilory are the cause for ulcer.

If you treat early on with the targeted antibiotics, you don’t succumb to cancer and save yourself the lengthy harsh treatments. One of the researcher treated himself to prove his hypothesis.

Stories abound of patients who were terminally ill and abandoned by major hospitals in London and elsewhere. As they got in contact with Prof. Salem, he never relinquished his patients and supported them until they were cured, even 2 years later.

A clerics who suffered from inoperable heart ailment was taken care by Philip and pressured many heart surgeons to re-operate, even after the clerics went into coma. Three years later, the clerics returned to Houston to thanks his surgeons: half of them had passed away.

Late famous surgeon Michael Debagey and Philip first met as they became members of the health team during Bush Sr. to formulate a protocol for preventive health care.

Philip later coaxed Michael to contribute to the erection of a medical school and center at LAU university in Byblos.

St. Luke Hospital is contemplating of erecting a medical building for cancer treatment in Salem’s name similar to Denton Coly building for the heart.

Philip is one of the 24 professionals who meet weekly to decide on the medicine to be approved by the FDA.

Philip was awarded:

1. The Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom in 1994. He is the fourth to receive this honor after Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Charlton Huston.

2. The Alice Island medal for contribution of an immigrant to the USA civilization

3. The Italian medal of “The scientist of the year”


He instituted a branch of the Lebanese American Association in Houston and welcomed 20 Lebanese researchers to work at the Anderson Center where Dr. Issam Raad is currently heading the center of contagious bacteria.

Salem linked the AUB Hospital with Hotel Dieu de France (in Lebanon) based on 4 principles:

1. Establishing a protocol for treating cancer

2. Continuous communication among the hospitals and medical universities: a weekly meeting to share experiences.

3. Promoting the concept of training experimental minds in universities

4. Opening up to the physicians who graduated from the French educated Jesuit university in Lebanon

One day, Philip read a criticism in the New York Times of a counsellor to the Defense department who was not a US citizen. As a health counsellor to Bush Sr., he told the President in the Oval office @ I don’t want to be a liability to you: I am Not a US citizen

The president answered: I hired you for your brain and not for your passport.  Soon, Philip and his entire family got the citizenship.

In his office at St. Luke, you can see displayed pictures of his hometown Bterram, a handful of soil and a few olive branches from his town.


1. The man, the homeland, the scientist (2004) by Peter Indari

2. Cancer, love, politics of hope- The life and vision of Philip Salem (2010) by Frances Mourani and Boutros Indari

3. Philip Salem, the rebel, the scientist and the humanist (2013) by Maha Samara (a n extensive biography)

Note 1: I met Prof. Salem twice in Washington DC in the mid 1990’s when he was lecturing or delivering speeches to Arabic associations. My brother-in-law, military attaché at the time, and I gave Philip ride to his hotel twice. He had to wake up early: As physicians are training to do during their internship.

Note 2: The CIA frequently pressured Salem to divulge secrets on the health status of preeminent foreign personalities, but consistently refused to cooperate.

Note 3: In 1945, the towns in the district of Koura witnessed massive immigration to Australia and Latin America. Every week, 7 young persons left Lebanon for greener pasture. Those who opted for the USA ended up in the industrial cities of Pittsburgh and Roxburry.

Note 4: His wife is Waddad Jabboury. His daughters are Dara and Raya. His son is Khaled

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