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Gibran’s “The Prophet”: A few Abridged pieces

Posted on: April 6, 2015



Abridged versions of Gibran’s Prophet pieces

I read the original English version long time ago. I am currently reading a French translation that I like.

The poetic prose pieces are short enough, but I am re-writing the shorter version my own style.

Al Mitra asked Al Mustafa:

“Master, what you say of children?” He responded:

Mothers, your sons belong to life.

Your children are the product of the desire for life.

You are the care taker and  the kids do not belong to you.

Your children have their own mind and soul.

Steady your arch

Bend the string with all your might.

Look far into the horizon.

Let loose of the arrow.

How your offspring evolve, you are denied to fathom their future.

Al Mitra asked: “What of marriage?”

The Mustafa answered:

Make space between your spouse: Allow the winds to dance between you

Fill the cup of the other, but refrain from drinking from the same glass

Partake the loaf of bread, but do not eat from the same piece of bread

Sing and dance together and then separate to your isolated chambers:

The cords of the lute are separate in order to deliver the better music.

The columns of the Temple are apart in order to sustain the edifice

Healthy trees do not grow in the shadow of one another.


And what of crimes and Punishment?

The saints and the Just cannot fly higher than the good intentions of everyone of us

The weak and bad persons cannot stoop lower than the lowest among us.

The yellowing leaf had silently informed the entire tree of its decrepitude.


The sinner sensed the secret assent of his community

We are walking this path:

If those preceding the file fail to remove the rock on the road, someone is doomed to stumble on it.

When someone falls, he is warning those who are coming behind him.

How could you judge fairly anyone if you had not succumbed previously to the same infamy?

How could you appreciate the remorse, which is more terrible than the act itself?

Mind you that the cornerstone is Not more noble than the stones in the foundation.


We enjoy enacting laws that we know are made to be transgressed.

All those people standing in the sun light, while their backs are simply forming shadows,

And see but the shadows of their laws.

What law may scare you if you know that you are Not going to stumble over the chains of another person?


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