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Passport Power Rank Index: All in one place

Posted on: April 21, 2015

Passport Power Rank Index: All in one place

Most probably, Arton Capital ranking of the value of a passport is biased. It ranked the US and UK passports equally as number one.

I have no idea what criteria were used for the ranking of the 193 countries or the weight given for each criteria.

It stand to reason that no sane person will travel to countries where the probability of being kidnapped is pretty high, due to his country involvement in countless preemptive wars around the world for over 8 decades.

Personally, my criteria with heaviest weights should be:

1. A dedicated foreign office to quickly and vigorously tend to the harassment its citizens are subjected to in another State

2. Widespread dissemination of embassies and consulates around the world (the prerogative of former colonial powers with deep pockets)

3. A state that was not involved or engaged in any wars, preemptive wars abroad in the last 5 decades

4. A state that is selected by other embassies to take care of its citizens when the embassy is closed or any reason.

5. Employees who are at least trilingual. Preferable speaking at least two of the languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

I would rank as #1: The Netherlands, Spain and Italy

Number 2: Germany and Sweden

Number 3: England and France

Number 4: USA, Russia and China

Number 5: Denmark, Finland, New Zealand and Australia

Number 6: Canada, South Africa, India and Brazil

The passport power rank of Lebanon according to Arton Capital is the same as North Korea, Gabon, and Cambodia.

Way behind most African countries.

One or two ranks above Yemen, Iraq, Burma, Somalia, Palestinian territories, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Eretria, Burundi, Nepal, Congo


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Which passport do you like best?|By Arton Capital

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