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Would Caitlyn Jenner Be Accepted in Lebanon?

Earlier this week, US lifestyle and culture magazine Vanity Fair unveiled Caitlyn Jenner to the world.

Of course, a lot of haters hated and many internet trolls mocked; she is part of the Kardashian clan after all.

But what if Caitlyn was not American? What if The Sisters’ stepfather came-out as transgender? How would Lebanese society receive the news?

Sure, the comparison isn’t perfect.

The Kardashian dynasty is headed for global denomination while The Sister’s, well, let’s just say they are still trying to find themselves.

For the sake of this article, though, I would like to posit the question: would Caitlyn Jenner be accepted in Lebanon?

(The cover of this month’s Vanity Fair magazine, a US publication, welcomes the public transition of Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner.) caught up with Georges Azzi, the Executive Director of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality and a prominent LGBTQ, gender and sexuality activist and blogger to get his perspective.

He explained to us that official and legal gender transition is possible in Lebanon, although not easy.

“It requires a long procedure and several approvals from psychiatrists and psychologists, the procedure can take a few years and it is costly and it forces transgender people to have a complete sex change operation before changing their [official] papers.

While the government can cover part of the surgery, the remaining [cost may] vary between $5,000 to $10,000.”

However, regardless of the tedious legal hoops, the lived reality of transgender people is often far more complicated, subjecting them to extreme societal discrimination. “Since most transgender individuals do not have the luxury to change their papers, it is almost impossible for them to get a job,” said Azzi. ‘They are usually immediately fired when their employers discover that they have a different gender from their papers.”

Even worse, transgender individuals are often at greater risk of being victims of violent crime and rape.

But shouldn’t the law protect them? Guess again. “Transgender people do not report [this] violence to the police since they will be, in the best scenario, arrested, if not abused by policemen,” Azzi told

You may remember the case of the gay raid in Dekweneh two years ago and of course, the oh-so scientific (read: not at all scientific) so-called egg test conducted by authorities to find out whether a man is homosexual.

Regardless of these problems, Lebanon “remains the most liberal country in the region as far as the LGBT community is concerned,” according to Azzi.

“The main difference between Lebanon and the West is the legal protection offered to LGBT individuals as well as free medical and social services, also many western countries would change the legal papers in a faster procedure without forcing the individual to undergo a complete sex change surgery.”

Lebanon also has several organizations working to improve the lives of transgender individuals. Azzi explained, “Both the MARSA sexual health clinic and Helem are providing support groups and basic medical and social services for trans individuals.”

Additionally, “MARSA in collaboration with the Arab foundation for freedoms and equality [recently] launched a “trans-empowerment” project aiming to provide psychological, medical as well as legal support for trans individuals.”

So let’s not pat ourselves on the back here, Lebanon, but let’s also not turn our heads in complete shame either.

Yes, transgender individuals face awful discrimination within Lebanon but regionally we still lead the way. At the same time, as Azzi pointed out, “Violence against transgender people is international.” Often, transgender individuals are discriminated against even within the LGBTQ community, as gender dysphoria is not well understood or accepted.

This is precisely why Caitlyn’s story is so important for the millions living with gender dysphoria throughout the world. Her story has the power to reach millions, allowing them to recognize an ignored, misunderstood and discriminated against segment of society while also communicating to transgender individuals the world over that they aren’t freaks.

As one of my friends recently posted on Facebook, “Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero. But she is a heroine.” Mabrouk ya ikhtee!

(Another image from Vanity Fair’s June cover story on Caitlyn Jenner.)

Jeanine Fakhoury, Patsy Z shared this link spoke with Georges Azzi, the Executive Director of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality and a prominent LGBTQ, gender and sexuality activist and blogger to get his perspective.

The world was stunned by the elegant and classy photographs unveiling Caitlyn Jenner’s new look to the world earlier this week.

Facts demonstrating that Iran is the least of the Arab States problems

Chapters of the plots from Saudi monarchy and Israel:

1- Saudi  frequent wars on Gamal Abdel Nasser
2-Betrayal of Egypt  Al Sadat At Camp David
3-Betrayal of King Hussein in Wadi Araba
4-War of Saddam Hussein on the Islamic Republic, with the support  of the Gulf Emirates and Saudi Arabia

5-the invasion of Saddam Hussein to Kuwait
6-the tyranny of the organization this year and the community on their own people
7-Conspiracy of Sharm El Sheikh on Hizbullah in 1996
8-the establishment of  Qaeda to oppose the Soviet then turning against America and its allies9  Suicide attacks on the Shia in Iraq
10-The  American Occupation of Iraq

11- Military Conflicts between Palestinian Fatah and Hamas
12-the Israeli war on Lebanon 2006 with the support  of Arab States

13-the Israeli war on Gaza 2008-2012-2015 with the support of Arab States

14- Tight Relations  Between Turkey and Israel
15- Arab States Letter Thanking Perez
16-the effects of the Juan of judgement in Egypt and exclusion of their partners with mom arkaway
17- Military coup  of Egypt Sisi on the Moslem Brotherhoods  with the help of Saudi Arabia
18-The Civil War  in Libya by proxy Saudi, turkey
19-support the Gulf and Turkey for ISIL.
20-Egypt blockade of Gaza
21- Israel preemptive war on Lebanon in 2006 with Saudi financial support
22-Conflict Qatar-Saudi Arabia
23-Criminal Acts Against the Bahraini with Saudi full support

24- Preemptive war of Saudi in Yemen

Asad Ghsoub  shared this link

فصول المؤامرة الصفوية – الرافضية – الصهيونية – الأميركية على أهل السنة والجماعة:
1- حرب آل سعود على جمال عبد الناصر
2- خيانة السادات في كامب ديفيد
3- خيانة الملك حسين في وادي عربة
4- حرب صدام حسين على الجمهورية الإسلامية، بدعم أميركي خليجي
5- إجتياح صدام حسين للكويت
6- إستبداد أنظمة أهل السنة والجماعة بشعوبها
7- مؤامرة شرم الشيخ على حزب الله ب 1996
8- إنشاء القاعدة لمواجهة السوفيات ثم إنقلابهم على أميركا والخليج
9- الهجمات الإنتحارية على الشيعة والمقامات في العراق
10- إحتلال أميركا العراق إنطلاقاً من القواعد الخليجية
11- الإشتباك الأهلي بين فتح وحماس
12- الحرب الإسرائيلية على لبنان 2006 بدعم أميركي – عربي
13- الحرب الإسرائيلية على غزة 2008 – 2012 – 2015 بدعم أميركي – عربي
14-العلاقات الإستراتيجية بين تركيا وإسرائيل
15- رسالة مرسي الى بيريز
16- إستئثار الإخوان بالحكم في مصر وإقصاء شركائهم بغطاء أميركي
17- إنقلاب السيسي على الإخوان بمساعدة سعودية
18- الحرب الأهلية الليبية بالوكالة عن السعودية وتركيا
19- دعم الخليج وتركيا لداعش تحت نظر الأميركيين
20- حصار مصر لقطاع غزة
21- تغطية حلفاء السعودية في لبنان للحرب الإسرائيلية 2006
22- النزاع القطري – السعودي
23- التنكيل النظام البحريني – السعودي بالشعب في البحرين
24- العدوان السعودي على اليمن
25- تنكيل النظام المصري بالإخوان المسلمين

في الواقع إن إيران هي آخر مشاكل العرب، وهي ليست إلا العدو الوهمي المضخم لتغطية النخب العربية والإسلامية الفاسدة على سوئها وفشلها وتبعيتها

Are you called a fool? Just for changing to the better?

When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool

If you do something remarkable, something new and something important, not everyone will understand it (at first).

Your work is for someone, not everyone.

Unless you’re surrounded only by someone, you will almost certainly encounter everyone. And when you do, they will jeer.

That’s how you’ll know you might be onto something.




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