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“Experimental Mind Farms” Day-dream Project

Posted on: July 24, 2015

“Experimental Mind Farms” Day-dream Project

Forming experimental minds is feasible to all people regardless of level of education. Applying the experimental mind requires some level of education and knowledge.

What is more important for our world in difficulty is for the people to be able to think and form clear ideas and opinions according to a well formed experimental mind.

To be able to”ask the right questions

In a previous Daydream post I detailed the project for PlantZoo.

Vegetables and fruits trees will be grown organically using catalysts that aid the plants in using the sun light and the atmosphere as main sources for their nutrients.

Actually, all the rain forests and most of the plants that are not tended by mankind rely solely on the atmosphere to grow tall for centuries.

Consequently, it is not the soil or the rain fall that permit the forests to grow: Just the humidity and the chemical elements in the atmosphere.

Fresh vegetables and fruits can be harvested regardless of the climate or dryness of the land, if adequate catalysts and regulated closed atmosphere are provided.

The focus of the first month-long training sessions is to learn all the aspects of the PlantZoo, how to run i, and to form an experimental mind (the many independent variables to consider, the controlling variables and the proper dependent variables to measure performance of production and growth of the plants).

The advanced month-long sessions are meant to applying what the trainees comprehended from the experimental designs and actively designing and running experiments on new plants or examining new procedures and catalysts.

Consequently, a major section of the PlantZoo is reserved for controlled labs and field experimental conditions, along with modern equipment and measuring devices.

Employees at the PlantZoo are trained for an experimental minds, and that is the main objective in order to sustain the business around the world.

Anyone with a well-formed experimental mind will quickly comprehend any new disciplines and become a leading scientists in any field he desired as a profession.


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