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Justice to baby Ali Dawabsheh: Burned to death by Israeli settlers

Posted on: August 8, 2015

Justice to baby Ali  Dawabsheh: Burned to death by Israeli settlers

18 month old Ali was burned to death after Israeli settlers fire-bombed his home.

Ali, an 18 month old baby was burned to death after Israeli settlers fire-bombed his home. Graffiti on the charred house reads “Revenge”. (Revenge for what?)

Settlers call this a “price tag” — the price Palestinian families must pay for confrontation or violence against settlers.

This time the price was tiny Ali.

He could have been a teacher or an inventor. Someone who loved music or hated math. But we’ll never know because he was merely a “price tag” to settlers.

(The father of Ali died today, a week later, and his mother suffered 80% third degree burns all over her body)

According to the UN, there have been 120 attacks on Palestinians by Israeli settlers this year, and an Israeli human rights group claims that 92% of Palestinian complaints to Israeli police go without charges.

A full and impartial investigation by the ICC — an unbiased judicial body  is desperately needed.

Every week we hear of a new incident in the West Bank.

Just days ago a video on Facebook showed a young man being beaten up by Israeli soldiers, even though he was clearly walking away from them.

The violence continues to mount, and this is our chance to support investigations to hold Israel to account.

Add your voice now to bring justice to baby Ali and the hundreds of others who’ve suffered at the hands of Israeli settlers and soldiers:

It’s sickening to imagine Ali’s suffering and the pain his family is feeling now, but this is our chance to say enough is enough. 

If we show the ICC that people everywhere support them to carry out these investigations without delay, we can empower them to work more effectively and help prevent tragedies like Ali’s from happening again.

To make this happen, we need to show prosecutors that we’re depending on them, in huge numbers, to serve the justice that Ali and thousands of Palestinian families deserve

Right now the ICC is investigating Israeli crimes in Palestine, and a massive show of support to carry out the investigations swiftly can help prevent more tragedies like Ali’s from happening again.

The USA must respond strongly to these infamies and facilitate the investigation and sanction Israel’s lax policies involving real terrorist acts on Palestinians

Sa’ad Dawabsheh, the father of Ali, died early on Saturday morning, his brother told Al Jazeera.

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