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Eco-Board technology: Get angry when you decide to Act

Posted on: August 14, 2015

ECOBOARD technology: Get angry when you decide to Act

On the management side:

1- If you get angry enough about something the only course of action is to “do” something about it.

If you can’t do something about it there is no point in getting angry, it will only add to your stress.

2- In times of crisis, the number one killer is inertia.

Whoever coined the term “do or die” must have been operating in constant crisis mode.

3- No matter how big the task, have the courage to take the first step and the discipline to keep at it one step after the other.

Once you have taken your tenth step you will realize this is not as daunting as you imagined and it’s rather pleasant to be surmounting the obstacles.

4- Planning ahead is key, seeing forward can and will save you lots of time, money and energy.

5- A problem will not take care of itself; you will have to take care of it sooner or later.

Whoever came to the conclusion “the sooner the better” couldn’t have been more right.

As we let the garbage linger in our streets and lands the price tag of cleaning it up gets higher and higher.

On the technical side:

1- On the morning of August 4th 2015 upon setting foot on the site there were 337 cubic meters of garbage scattered on the road side of the parking lot by Khoury Home in Zouk Mosbeh.

2- We brought 6 pieces of equipment on-site: A sorting conveyor belt, a rotary Composting Machine, An Hydraulic baler/compactor, A shredder, A power generator, and a pickup truck equipped with a crane.

3- It took 14 hours of work to process 285 cubic meters of unsorted garbage.

If these were sorted at source (home) just using the 2 bag system (black for organics, blue for recyclables) we could have gone through the 337 cubic meters in about 12 hours of work.

4- The number one hindrance in recycling solid waste is the mixing of food waste (organics) with the recyclable materials. It is time consuming and food contamination of recyclables brings down their market value.

5- Due to our ECOBOARD technology which recycles ALL plastics and inert materials, we completely recycled the 285 cubic meters of waste available.

6- The effort was completely financed by Cedar Environmental with nothing charged to the municipality of Zouk Mosbeh.

Although what was visible were 2 days of work on-site, but it took one day prior of the setting up to prepare and load the machines and another day after the dismantling of the site to relocate and re-assign the machines to their original operating site.

7- Mobile is not necessarily cost efficient. We need to setup fixed recycling plants all over the country so this crisis never happens again

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Ziad Abi Chaker's photo.
Ziad Abi Chaker's photo.
Ziad Abi Chaker's photo.
Ziad Abi Chaker's photo.
Ziad Abi Chaker's photo.

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