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I became a slave at age 5.

Haby mint Rabah  posted:

Every day I looked after the herd. Every night I was raped by my master. I always thought, without understanding, that this was normal.

In Mauritania, where I’m from, hundreds of thousands of people are still held this way today. But I was lucky.

My brother escaped his masters and found an organisation working to stop slavery. He asked them to help free me.

But when they came to take me away, at first I completely refused. I couldn’t imagine a life away from my masters, a life where you worked no matter what, even if pregnant or giving birth. This was the only life I had ever known.

I believed it was normal. My chains were broken by a man who has dedicated his life to fighting slavery in Mauritania.

Now this man sits in prison for speaking out. It’s time we break his chains, so he can keep helping others break theirs

The man who came for me, and who has dedicated his life to freeing others like me, is now behind bars for daring to speak out against slavery. But in four days there is a court appeal and he could be released.

If hundreds of thousands of people around the world speak out for Biram Dah Abeid, we can break his chains so he can continue helping others break theirs.

The slave-owning elites have poured on the pressure to keep the status quo, but opinions are starting to change. And I believe our President can be influenced — under intense pressure, he’s released political prisoners before, including Biram himself.

Join me now to free him again.Join me now:




Let us list what comes to mind as an auxiliary function, such the “spandrels of San Marco,” where the necessary space between arches in the Venetian cathedral of San Marco has led to the placement of significant art.
+ A dishwasher allows you to hide dirty dishes.

A swimming pool allows adults to be shirtless and feel the summer breeze without looking ridiculous. (Rory Sutherland).
+ Formal dress codes allow overweight men to hide their shape.
+ Dietary laws have the side effect of keeping minorities tight together –and preventing the majority from feeling threatened.

In Ottoman Mediterranean cities, interdicts against alcohol allowed tolerance; they prevented non-business socializing with the Christians. It allowed multi-religious cities to flourish.

There should be hunting rules based on skin in the game.

If you want to kill an animal, say a lion, for pleasure, you must incur the risk of being killed by the lion.

Looking for suggestions

PS- As to Walter Palmer (the dentist from Minnessota), in this case given the gravity of the violation, he should be fed to lions, as in the days of the Circus Maximus.

Idioms borrowed from Shakespeare? And what did He borrow?

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I can relate…Sometime circa 1990 i wrote “I am different from me who is not the same as ken”.

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