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12 Lebanese athletes to be Lebanese proud of

Posted on: August 29, 2015

12 Lebanese athletes to be Lebanese proud of

It these hard time and total government neglect for all citizens, particularly our athletes, a few of ours are going all the way to international events, solo.

While Lebanon may not be known as global leader in athletics – a rather difficult task for a small country – it does boast a few sport stars that can make every Lebanese feel proud.


While Lebanon may not be known as global leader in athletics – a rather difficult task for a small country – it does boast a few sport stars that can make every Lebanese feel proud.

Here are 12:


1. Abbas Hassan

Image source: YouTube

Hassan currently plays as a goalkeeper for the Swedish football club IF Elfsborg. He formerly played for Arvidstorps IK, Aalborg BK, and IFK Norrköping. In 2012, he also joined the national Lebanese team in its victory against Iran, for which he received high praise.


2. Ray Bassil

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.52.11 PM

Bassil has definitely proven her shooting skills over and over. She won bronze at ISSF World Shooting tournament in Cyprus in 2007, placed fourth in 2009’s Mediterranean Games in Italy, received another fourth place in 2009’s ISSF World Shooting tournament in Slovenia, and won silver at the 2011 Arab Shooting Championship in Morocco. She also went to the 2012 Olympic Games in London to represent Lebanon.


3. Silvio Chiha

Image source: YouTube

We all fell in love with Chiha – and more in love with Lebanon – earlier this summer when his epic wakeboarding video went viral. But his viral video is only the cherry on the top of his three gold medals at the Asian Games. In addition to water sports, Chiha also enjoys alpine skiing, judo and mixed martial arts.


4. Caren Chammas

Image source: YouTube

In 2010, Chammas competed in judo at the Youth Games in Singapore, placing 7th worldwide. She went on to win silver and bronze medals in 2011 in the Pan Arab Games and represented Lebanon in 2012 at the London Olympic Games. Although she didn’t win a medal, she was the first Lebanese female judoka ever to compete in the Olympics.


5. Maxime Chaya

Image source: YouTube

Chaya not only boasts Lebanese records but also a world record. He was the first Lebanese to climb Mount Everest and also the first Lebanese to climb the tallest peaks on all seven continents. In 2013, Chaya also managed to break the world record for rowing the Indian Ocean along with two partners. He enjoys a wide range of sports to stay in shape, such as trail-running, mountain biking and rock climbing.


6. Maya Nassar

Image source: YouTube

Nassar is a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer. She is also an international fitness model, having won several international trophies. In 2015 she took home both silver and bronze at the Pure Elite UK Championships as well as the People’s Choice Award. The previous year she took home gold in the Bikini category. She currently also serves as a brand representative for international sports retailer Decathlon.


7. Fadi El Khatib

Image source: YouTube

Khatib has played for several local Lebanese teams and previously spent time playing for a Chinese team. He also represented Lebanon on the national team in 2002, 2006 and 2010 in the FIBA World Championship. Currently he plays for Al Riyadi in the Lebanese Basketball League.


8. Jackie Chamoun

Image source: YouTube

In the Lebanese National Championship, Chamoun has won gold, silver and bronze for skiing in the slalom and giant slalom events. She has competed at international tournaments all around the world ever since she was a teenager and went on to represent Lebanon at the Winter Olympic Games in 2010 and 2014.


9. Youssef Mohamad

Image source: Vebidoo

Mohamad played professional football with Germany’s FC Köln, where he served as the club’s captain from 2010 to 2011. In 2011 it was announced that he would transfer to the UAE’s Al Ahli Club. He has also played with the Lebanese national team in various international tournaments.


10. Andrea Paoli

Image source: YouTube

She may look innocent but you definitely don’t want to pick a fight with Paoli. In 2010, she took home the bronze medal in Taekwondo at the Asian Games. A year later she was ranked eighth in the entire world. Paoli also represented Lebanon at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.


11. Roger Feghali

Image source: YouTube

Feghali holds the record for rally car wins in Lebanon, claiming the title of Lebanese champion 10 times. He has competed throughout Lebanon and Jordan in various rally events, regularly ranking either first or second.


12. Sam Elias

Image source: YouTube

Elias is a North Face-sponsored athlete who enjoys rock climbing as well as other outdoor sports. Although he was born and raised in the United States, he recently came back to Lebanon to reconnect with his Lebanese family while filming a documentary with VICE about rock climbing within the country.


Are there any other Lebanese athletes you think should be added to the list? Write their names and achievements in the comments below.

StepFeed shared this link

From water sports to Olympic skiers – Lebanon has lots to be proud of in the sporting arena.

Lebanon may not be well known for its sports stars, but here are a few that make us all proud!|By Jason Lemon

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