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Achievements in Lebanon without the backing of any of the political militia leaders?

Posted on: August 29, 2015

Achievements in Lebanon without the backing of any of the  political militia leaders?

I know how hard it must be for all my politically affiliated friends to see what’s happening and the success a group of people have been able to achieve without the za3ims (militia leader).

Don’t feel like you aren’t part of us, you are, but your affiliations aren’t.

Abandon them, admit they’re all shit, including your personal warlord.

You don’t need them, they need you.

We’re gonna solve the garbage crisis, and begin the domino effect for every corrupt, violent, usurper of power in this country of ours.

One step at a time, slowly but surely.

We will have clean streets, we will have electricity and water, our lines will stop cutting and our Internet will no longer be the slowest and most expensive on this Earth.

Abandon your political parties, be a good person and citizen. (parties who believe in the succession of their sons and relatives)

I know “they’re all bad and thieves, by not my warlord”, but truth is, that’s not true.

Abandon your sectarian affiliations and come down tomorrow, and make your voice and opinion matter for once.

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