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Danish Solar-powered Schools of the Future?

Posted on: August 31, 2015

 Danish Solar-powered Schools of the Future?

Copenhagen is setting a new International School in Nordhavn CIS, which unites modern architecture with sustainability and decor.

The school is designed by Danish architectural firm C.F. Møller.

The unique façade is covered in 12,000 solar panels, each individually angled to create a sequin-like effect, which will supply over half of the electricity consumed by the school each year.

The solar cells will cover a total area of 6,048 square metres, making it one of the largest building-integrated solar power plants in Denmark. Furthermore, the students will also learn about their school’s green profile as they monitor energy production data as part of the physics and maths course curricula.

“We are proud that through the construction of the school, we will be able to take the lead and set a good example by showing how you can integrate innovative architecture into the curriculum. Our aim is to strengthen the student’s competencies in an international environment so they will become competent world citizens with a focus on sustainability,” says Brit van Ooijen, Chair of the Board for Copenhagen International School.

The school is 25,000 square metres, making it the largest school in Copenhagen. When the school opens in January 2017, 1,200 students and 280 employees will walk its halls.

The school is divided into different ‘towers’, focusing on community, identity and easy navigation.

The students can also spend time on the rooftop terrace, which will function as a playground for the entire school, particularly the younger pupils. The elevated playground prevents students from coming too close to the water surrounding the school and keeps them from straying off school premises.

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