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Old Beirut Lebanon (1955): Beautiful, polite, clean, law abiding citizens

Posted on: September 8, 2015

Old Beirut Lebanon (1955): Beautiful, polite, clean, law abiding citizens

The current Youth movement against this rotten political system wants to recapture their spirit, youth, and hope in a better future. And a Lebanon good to live in for their children.

And we had electric transportation, the Tramway, as in San Francisco

And Beirut was famous for its many green public spaces, like San Francisco.

Currently, the Beirut Forest is the only green space in Beirut, and only foreign tourists are admitted in. Why?

So that the citizens do Not transform this park into a garbage dump, so the municipality says.

Yesterday, after the mounting pressures from the youth movement, the mayor judge Shebib (Mou7afez) opened this park for the public, only on Saturdays.

‫#‏بيروت‬ ١٩٥٥.. وبعد ستين سنة غرّقوها بنفايات الفساد.. ولكن بدأ حلم ‫#‏لبنان_جديد‬ يلّي حيصير واقع بفضل الناس يلي عم تحلم وتناضل ضد كل الفساد والفاسدين.. ‫#‏مستمرون‬

Old Beirut lebanon's photo.

الترمواي في ساحة البرج ‫#‏بيروت‬ عام ١٩٥٥ .

Variable in any yard tower ‪#‎beirut‬ in 1955.

Raja Noujaim shared this article of the daily Al Nahar related to the Beirut Forest

Thx Mr President for this logical and wise decision and thx also to Nahnoo (We) association who have put a lot of effort since many years and thx to all the other civil society associations and active persons within and without the administration who participated in this 1st full day since almost a decade

And even who began before (the guards team, the cleaning team, the gardening team, the advisory team and more and more…)

Now we all have a different kind of mission which is to protect what was achieved and make all others understand that this is a “Horsh Beirut” not a Park nor a Garden so “Respect of Nature” should be the main goal…

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