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Playing 20 Questions

Posted on: September 13, 2015

Playing 20 Questions

Famous to the family

The way my family plays 20 Questions is that one person silently chooses a famous person and then everyone in the car has 20 yes or no questions to figure out who it is.

A variation that was briefly popular was to redefine “famous” as “famous to the family.”

You could announce that you had chosen this variation and then pick, say, Ziggy the painter.

Zigmund might not be known to the public or the history books, but in our family, he’s famous.

I’m fascinated by a new category, though. “Famous to the tribe.”  (That preceded famous to the family)

Is Xeni Jardin famous? Merlin Mann? What about Anne McCrossan?

Never mind that Warhol thing about 15 minutes…

Everyone is famous to 1,500 people. (I doubt it. That’s a huge number. No one is even famous in the family. Except the designated Idiot.)

Some people are even famous to 3,000.

And that’s a fascinating new phenomenon.

When there are 3,000 or 10,000 or 500,000 people who think you’re famous, who are willing to play 20 Questions where you are the answer…it changes things.

We’re not really prepared for a culture where a million (or a billion) people are valid answers in 20 Questions.

The race to be slightly famous is on, and it’s being fueled by the social and tribal connections permitted by the net. (Whom you never met. Virtual famous people, as most politicians?)

We give a lot of credit and faith to the famous, but now there are a lot more of them.

Over time, once everyone is famous, that will fade, but right now, the trust and benefit of the doubt we accord the famous is quite valuable.

Consider: Gary Vee’s new book is out today.

Is that enough to know? You bet it is.

The tribe (whichever tribe you’re in) is always chewing on the next thing, discussing the next idea, processing, absorbing and moving on.

Is there any way that a new book from Gary isn’t going to be on our tribe’s list? He’s famous to the family.

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