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We all jump to conclusions: When hearing a Good Story

Posted on: September 13, 2015

We all jump to conclusions: When hearing a Good Story

Most scientists do the same, with worse consequences

For example, if I say (a story): We dream so that our brain tells us a story in order to produce, in accelerated process, chemicals and hormones necessary to our well-being.

Unless we dream during our sleep, we are unable to generate enough chemicals and hormones in sufficient quantities for our healthy conditions.

Suppose I add this statement: A few of these chemicals and hormones are, in large quantities, pure poisons to our system.

You are entitled to conclude that Bad Dreams during the natural dream storytelling are means to cut short on the dream that was generating bad chemicals.

The difference between a scientific mind and normal mind is that the scientist should be trained to transform a valid conclusion into a hypothesis in order to test and verify the conclusion that we jumped at.

The problem is that scientists and researchers are no different than how we behave.

Time constraints, survival exigencies, and all behaviors meant to resume our life in a normal state force the scientists to fail in checking the hypothesis, either by running an experiment or reading the “peer reviewed articles” on the subject.

And unchecked hypothesis are automatically transformed into facts, even more tenuous that the hypothesis had lingered far longer than normal minds.

All these untenable facts are in the same nature as religious myth stories that people tend to form their world views.

The views of the scientists are as enduring as the fanatic religious maniacs.

And only sustained paradigm shifts with new facts and discovery may at best change a bit in the scientist models on how he view their facts, the world, nature and people behaviors according to their particular disciplines.

Note 1: It is a fig of my imagination the story on dreams, and cause of Bad Dreams that beg to be validated.

Note 2: Why do you think professionals in one field find it hard to comprehend a lecture by a professional from another discipline? Most probably, they erect an a priory defensive line so that their model could not be disturbed with new embarrassing knowledge.


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