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Uberized education? Who can afford it?

Posted on: September 17, 2015

Uberized education  

An Uberized education is when –as in antiquity — one goes to a specific teacher to get lectures, bypassing the university.

(Why go to antiquity? A century ago, the aristocratic class were receiving these kinds of Ubers, above the working class privileges))

The students and the teachers are thus matched. If a piece of paper is necessary (certificate), it would be given by *that* teacher, or a group of teachers.

It is not too different from the decentralized apprentice model.

This already works well for executive “education”.

I give short workshops in my specialty of applied probability.

I have given a few with PW, YBY and RD, though only lasting 1-2 days, limited to professionals.

An Uberization would consists in making longer workshops, say of 2-3 week duration, after which the attendees would be getting a piece of paper of sorts.

From my experience, both students and lecturers are more sincere when they bypass institutions.

And, as with other Uberizations, it would be much efficient economically.

A full education would be a collection of such micro-diplomas, which can be done on top of a conventional one.

Finally I would personally like to attend such workshops in disciplines outside my specialty.

After my experience with Aramaic/Syriac (language?)last summer, I have a list of subjects I would be hungry to learn *outside* university systems…

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