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The way I comprehend the current struggles in Lebanon

Posted on: September 28, 2015


The way I comprehend the current issues in Lebanon:

1. Hezbollah is comfortable attacking in 4 particular fronts that are related to the security and political stability of Lebanon: Israel, Islamist terrorist movements (Al Nousra and ISIS), securing the Lebanese borders from the onslaught of these extremist groups and supporting the army, and focusing on its security within Lebanon.

2. Hezbollah refused to get involved directly in the deep and hot potatoes of fassad (highway and systematic thievery of this militia political system), simply because it would hamper and alienate him in the rickety participation in this system

3. Hezbollah wished that the Tayyar of General Aoun would handle the fassad issues.

The Tayyar did a good job uncovering this endemic problems in the parliament and in the successive governments for years, until he realized that he is unable to carry out this struggle single headedly.

All the political parties united to handicap the Tayyar as representative of the second largest group of deputies in the parliament. Instead, the Tayyar changed direction toward the Constitution front.

4. The Youth movements finally decided to focus on the fassad.

5. Ironically, the Tayyar decided Not to open lines of communications, discussions and negotiation with the Youth movements in order to become a valuable expert in these hot files.

I’m left with this feeling that No political parties in Lebanon is serious about any kinds of reforms in the fassad front

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