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As the garbage stagnate in river beds: What the rain will generate?

Posted on: October 2, 2015

As the garbage stagnate in river beds: What the rain will generate?

I sent a few distress messages to the youth movement to occupy the ministry of Public Work.

Just to remind the minister that it is about time to clean river beds and sewage systems that are mostly broken and contaminating outdated potable water systems.

The River of Beirut has become the favourite waste dump.

Tony Chakar posted

I cannot stress enough the immensity of the catastrophe that will hit us along with the first rains – which are only a couple of weeks away.
Garbage is everywhere.

They are dumping it in the Beirut river, and in many other seasonal rivers;

In forests, in valleys; it is EVERYWHERE.

The rain will carry all of the toxic water produced by the garbage to the underground water table (nappe phréatique).

 And it will mix with the water we drink, the water we bathe in – in everything.

There will be new bacteria and rashes and illnesses and…
This government, this political class, is responsible for destroying our nature, our ecology and our lives.

Yes this is a matter of survival and not only the politics of this or the politics of that.

In spite of this, some people are reluctant to join the protest movement. Why?

Because they think they are too smart. That “nothing changes in Lebanon”.

That they got all of the organizers “figured out” and know their affiliations.

Let go of this Lebanese “smartness” (and cultured my ass propaganda)

Come down with us and gather en mass on September 9

(In order to counter the militia Tawelat 7ewar gimmicks and remind our mafia leaders that time for change is tolling)

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