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Can’t raise a well-adjusted kid without good storytelling support

Posted on: October 2, 2015

Can’t raise a well-adjusted kid without good storytelling support

You can’t ask any question on any subject matter if your mind is blank

You can’t ask any pertinent question if you are not interested in observing people, nature and your community

No kid ever started his string of “Why?” if he wasn’t captured by a story.

The more he enjoyed the story, the more he wants to expand on it and stretch the conversation

You shouldn’t bring babies to this world if:

  1. You are not a good storyteller, or
  2. No member in the family is a good storyteller, or
  3. Not a single friend of the kid enjoys telling stories, or
  4. Have no patience to teach your kid to listen and observe and tell his side of a story

Kids who were denied the basic right to hear stories is a permanent naïve, no matter how long was his education or how many books he read.

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