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Do you care to Remember Everything you Learn? Strategies to learn

Posted on: October 4, 2015

Do you care to Remember Everything you Learn? Strategies to learn 

If you’re going to learn anything, you need two kinds of prior knowledge:

• knowledge about the subject at hand, like math, history, or programming

• knowledge about how learning actually works (Which is the topic)

Asad Ghsoub  shared Sahar Charara link

On the metacognitive -or the understanding of how learning takes place, in order to learn better

Because there’s learning and there’s knowing how to learn.
1. Make it stick: Connect old knowledge to new learning. The more connection the more elaboration process
2. The more you reflect on any issue the more the recollection performance. Frequency and duration of reflection is key to retaining new knowledge
3. Refrain from falling to fluency. If it seems easy for you, unless you are autistic in the subject matter, the quicker you’ll forget what you learned
4. The more you force yourself to recall the better the recall later on. Recalling the context of short hand notes reinforce you power for recalling. Flashcards are excellent exercises. The harder the process of recalling the better: Nothing that comes easy takes roots.




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