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Which Beirut are you talking about?

Posted on: October 4, 2015

Which Beirut are you talking about?

Beirut. Beirut. Beirut. I have been distant and cold from the news of Beirut

Rouba Mhaissen posted
When the civil war happened in Lebanon, my parents moved to Syria, and so did my grandparents in July 2006 war.
When the Syrian Revolution (uprising?) turned into a war, my Syrian family moved to Lebanon. My lebanese friends cheered for Syrians for years now, and today I see my Syrian friends supportive and optimistic after their hearts had died.
After our hearts had died. (For the devastation of Syria and the emptying of cities and villages?). Beirut, I am not distant. But as you can see from my writing, just disoriented.
Just watching silently and cheering at times, crying at others. It’s like my heart can no longer deal with images of beating or blood or injustice.
It’s like I am hidden behind the screen and the like buttons scared… And optimistic…
I am sorry Beirut, Syria has drained us and scared us.
You are giving us hope today but we are wounded and scared. We stand with you Beirut.
And I stand with my beautiful fellow citizens of a Lebanon calling for dignity and justice heart emoticon you are beautiful, just be safe. 
Be safe. We can’t take any more sadness… Or heart break. Just hope and resistance.

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