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Dealing with old unsorted and rotting garbage: Applying the Wrapped Membrane Method

Posted on: October 7, 2015

Dealing with old unsorted and rotting garbage: Applying the Wrapped Membrane Method

On September 21st 2015, we showcased in our R&D facility the feasibility of a technique called the Wrapped Membrane Method (WMM).

Today, October 5th 2015, we got to try the WMM on two pickup loads worth of unsorted garbage in the Metn area.

The estimated volume of waste used is about 22 cubic meters; we used a double membrane of 200 microns thickness each, giving us a total of 400 microns (0.4 millimeter) thickness. Size of finished wrapped membrane came to 11 meters by 4.25 meters.

The Average height of the piled waste was 0.5 meters.
Album showcases each step of the technique.

Ziad Abi Chaker added 52 new photos from October 5 to the album: Applying the Wrapped Membrane Method.
'We first prepared the ground by removing sharp stones and any other material that could shear the membrane...'
'We laid the first membrane on the cleared surface...'
'And opened the 1st membrane to 4.25 meters width. The length of the used membrane is 11 meters.'

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