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Pictures Of Lebanon Youth Movements: Drenched and gazed

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Ever since we formed the band, we vowed to only depict the best image of our country, no matter how hard that was, dodging any requests for militant responsibility.

We did not believe in the political system in place, and none of the parties represented us or people like us…

Rouwa Saba's photo.
Rouwa Saba's photo.
Rouwa Saba's photo.

Today we’re filled with pride: For the first time in our post-war history, thousands of apolitical demonstrators are flooding the streets of our dear Beirut, from all ages, religions, professions, and areas.

(Apolitical is not synonymous to Not belonging to a political party. The Youth movement is political per excellence and has political demands)

 Getting tear gassed, ruthlessly beaten up and unfairly arrested by the police commanded by a rotten class of bloodthirsty warlords turned greedy politicians in charge.

The reason?

Asking for a basic human right: a sustainable garbage plan to pick up and recycle the filth that’s been filling up the country for over two months now causing all sorts of short and long term diseases!

We genuinely wish we were there to share the painful honour of getting our asses kicked with you all. Be safe, keep on, and overthrow.

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The Wanton Bishops's photo.

China Yuan currency is the barometer for War and Peace

Currency exchange rate for a State depends intrinsically on the level of confidence we feel that this State enjoys in political stability, economic sustainability and central control on financial fluctuation, transactions and practices.

The lower the confidence, the lower the value of the currency rate.

When China stabilizes the Yuan to an overvalued level currency in reference to the $ and Euro, it means China has struck a deal with the USA and EU so that these powerful Western nations desist from frequent pre-emptive wars and destabilizing strategy in the less developed States.

When the US and Europe carry out their political propaganda demanding China to devalue the Yuan, they are lying through their teeth.

In fact, the US will never dare launch on such confrontation without a prior deal with China. The US and the EU dream is for China to keep its currency very strong to level off the world trade market share.

These propaganda campaign is to delude the people that the US is the land of fair trade and free market: Totally Not the case in this global economy.

When China devalue the Yuan (controlled by the central government and not exchanged in the stock market), it means China is frustrated that the western States defaulted and reneged on their deal. The deal has faltered and China has decided to challenge these countries in the places and positions they confronted her.

Since 2011, the US and Europe have been launching destabilizing policies in the Middle-East, Iran, North Africa, many other African states and a few Latin American countries.

China decided to devalue the Yuan in order to acquire more of the world market share in reaction to the sustained positions of the US and Europe toward Syria, Iraq and Iran.

The forceful role of Russia in Syria is a direct wish of China to put an end to the civil wars in Syria and Iraq. Actually, Russia is the undertaker or contractor carrying out the strategy of retaliation and dipping heavily in the deep pocket of China.

The NATO crying wolf is but cry of despair and total frustration for its failure to bring stability to this rich and volatile region in the Middle-East as China demanded from them.

The latest news of the signing of the Pacific Ream trade treaty between that the US and 11 other States does not include China.

Hillary Clinton expressed her displeasure that the treaty does not mention any currency stabilization among the signatories. Fact is the US is not prepared to shoulder the burden of financially coming to the rescue of these States as they link their currencies to the dollar. The US is not ready to challenge the supremacy of China in the world market of export.

Hillary declaration is meant for the internal political consumption during this election period. Politicians drum up the emotions of the common people for a stronger stand rather than explaining the reality of the situation and conditions.

The moment the US decides to force the hands of those 11 States to stabilize the rate of their currencies relative to the $ means that the US is willing to challenge China upfront.

Likewise, the moment China decides to trade its currency in the stock market, it means China is ready for an all-out war with the US.

With the Yuan being devalued sharply, the exporting power of most industrial countries such as German and Japan will shrink and progress at a snail pace.

All kinds of embargo, sanctions and barriers on China will not affect it significantly. China can rely on its vast population, the natural extension of markets in Russia, Central Asia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Viet Nam and south East Asia.

A nastier financial catastrophe will set in for the duration. And China will be relatively immune to world havoc.

China manufactures and produces all kinds of good and services that are readily exchangeable with other goods and services, anytime, anywhere and electronically. The Yuan is just a convenient mean to facilitate exchange in China vast internal market.

Currency exchange rate will be mainly dependent on the Yuan value: Like it, hate it or abhor it.

Men Get Erections In the Morning:

When wife has to hurry to work?

It’s an amusing, albeit often highly inconvenient, phenomenon that half of the world’s population has to deal with on a regular basis.

So what’s the science story behind that morning glory?

Morning glories, or nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) as they are correctly called, are spontaneous erections that occur during sleep or while waking up.

All blokes without erectile dysfunction are graced with them and they normally occur around three to five times during sleep.

September 8, 2014 | by Justine Alford

NPT actually starts in utero, or in the womb (seriously), and continues throughout life.

If it’s any consolation, men aren’t completely alone—women also get clitoral erections and vaginal engorgement during sleep, and various nonhuman mammals also get NPT.

While a few different theories have been proposed over the years to explain NPT, what causes it still remains uncertain.

NPT, just like clitoral erections, is associated with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

One idea is that during REM sleep, noradrenergic cells (neurons that release the neurotransmitter noradrenaline [norepinephrine]) located in an area of the pons (part of the brainstem) called the locus coeruleus are switched off. It is thought that these cells are associated with the inhibitory tone of the penis; therefore, when their activity is reduced during REM sleep, testosterone-dependent excitatory tones can be expressed which result in an erection.

It’s also been suggested that NPT is triggered by the release of nitric oxide (NO). NO is released by cells that line the inside of blood vessels which then diffuses into smooth muscle, causing it to relax. This also causes blood vessels to dilate, hence increasing blood flow to the penis and voila, an erection.

It’s thought that increased activity of part of the pons during REM sleep triggers a cascade of events that ultimately lead to NO release by nerve fibers. This is also regulated by androgens such as testosterone.

So we have discussed how, but what about why?

One idea is that these sleep exercises actually contribute to the health of your junk. Erections cause the erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa) to swell, which in turn oxygenates the tissue. This oxygenation maintains its viability and helps to prevent cavernous fibrosis, a condition that can ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction.

Another interesting theory is that pitching a tent prevents men from wetting the bed.

There are two main types of erections: psychogenic and reflex.

The former starts with stimulating thoughts or images which trigger an erection via nerve signals.

The latter is an involuntary process that occurs without sexy thoughts and it’s believed that a full bladder can trigger them.

The nerves controlling these reflex erections are located in the sacral nerves of the spinal cord which are also stimulated by a full bladder.

Since it’s difficult to pee with a stiffy, it’s thought that NPT may prevent accidental nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting). While this may sound plausible, it seems unlikely because the body has lots of other methods to prevent you from wetting the bed.

(I keep dreaming of visiting filthy WC until I come to consciousness that I got to go to the WC, with an erection too)

Furthermore, it doesn’t really make sense given that nocturnal enuresis also affects women.

It seems the most likely explanation is that all of that nighttime mischief is really helping to keep your crown jewels healthy. Be pleased he’s looking out for you.




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