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Pictures Of Lebanon Youth Movements: Drenched and gazed

Posted on: October 10, 2015

Pictures Of Lebanon Youth Movements: Drenched and gazed

Stephanie de Geryes shared this link

Ever since we formed the band, we vowed to only depict the best image of our country, no matter how hard that was, dodging any requests for militant responsibility.

We did not believe in the political system in place, and none of the parties represented us or people like us…

Rouwa Saba's photo.
Rouwa Saba's photo.
Rouwa Saba's photo.

Today we’re filled with pride: For the first time in our post-war history, thousands of apolitical demonstrators are flooding the streets of our dear Beirut, from all ages, religions, professions, and areas.

(Apolitical is not synonymous to Not belonging to a political party. The Youth movement is political per excellence and has political demands)

 Getting tear gassed, ruthlessly beaten up and unfairly arrested by the police commanded by a rotten class of bloodthirsty warlords turned greedy politicians in charge.

The reason?

Asking for a basic human right: a sustainable garbage plan to pick up and recycle the filth that’s been filling up the country for over two months now causing all sorts of short and long term diseases!

We genuinely wish we were there to share the painful honour of getting our asses kicked with you all. Be safe, keep on, and overthrow.

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The Wanton Bishops's photo.

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