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I want to walk clean beaches: Stretches of hundred of miles with no discontinuity

Posted on: October 11, 2015

I want to walk clean beaches:

Stretches of hundred of miles with no discontinuity

It just hit me that I would love as a life dream wish to walk endlessly on clean beaches.

Beaches that belong to the public as a constitutional right.

Virgin beaches that no machines ravage them to excavate the sand for construction.

I want to keep walking and sleeping on beaches.

Lie down and watch the night stars, listening to the sea birds and the endless waves singing their relaxing melodies.

Just keep walking on an interminable beach, a natural reserve for mankind to step on and feel free.

Should I learn to fish too for survival purposes? Everything in due time.

I like to have a list of virgin beaches that proud and nature loving nations preserved from the vultures of modern time.

How ugly it is that people think that building just on the seashore is a privilege that no one else she share.

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