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Palestinian Teenagers (aged 13) Gunned Down In Streets: Left to die a slow death

Posted on: October 15, 2015

Palestinian Teenager Gunned Down In Streets: Left to die a slow death

Can we know the name of this Palestinian youth left to die?

Update* Translation from the video.

This is what the Israeli citizens who are on occupied Palestinian territory are yelling at the kid as he’s dying (source).

“Die you fucker, die you son of a whore, die you son of a bitch…”

“Shoot him in the head, this son of a bitch”

“Die you son of a whore”

“Die you son of a bitch”

“Shoot him in the head, shoot him in the head!” “Shoot him in the head, do him a favor

This is par for the course in Israel.  It’s important to understand that the Israeli government considers itself the “Jewish state” where non-Jews are only welcome as window dressing to demonstrate some sliver of tolerance.

It’s important to note that while many Israelis are on whole good-natured people not unlike any other humans in the world; they are constantly the victims of propaganda day in and day out from a media that is closely connected to the Israeli government and  military establishment (source).

Unfortunately – they have fallen victim to believing that they are the victims of persecution while their government continues its 50 year long military occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.

Patsy Z shared this link via Hussein Itany

“A few month ago there was an outrage on the internet for Lion called Cecil who was hunted down. Well a lion deserves an outrage but a 13 year old child doesn’t!”

Innocent #Palestinian child “14 y o” executed in cold blood by #Israel .. Watch & Share >> — Said Shoaib | Gaza (@saidshouib)…
Another kids shot in the heart and dying standing and looking at his cold blooded assassin
Khalil Amine Hanoun's photo.
Khalil Amine Hanoun's photo.
Khalil Amine Hanoun's photo.

For those who aren’t convinced; all one needs to do is read the Israeli media.

If a Jew murders a Palestinian; they are NEVER referred to as a terrorist.

If a Palestinian attempts to stab or punch or throw rocks at a Jew – they are a “terrorist”.

The only differentiating factor is the ethnicity of the perpetrator.  If that sort of Orwellian language doesn’t convince a person – then they have likely already made their mind up.

History has shown that fascism can happen under democracies courtesy of the Italians and Benito Mussolini and the Israelis are no different.

It’s becoming common place to hear that a Palestinian was gunned down in the street because they were a knife wielding terrorist intent on harming Jews.

And while that has happened in recent days due to the incitement of violence by the Israeli government with the Al-Aqsa mosque (source).  Americans understand all too well that when a police officer claims a black man had a gun and that’s why he had no choice but to snuff out his life.

Regularly – that’s a lie.  It’s commonplace.  And it’s no different in Israel.

Just as a person who criticizes Israel is regularly denounced as anti-semitic, so will the international community regularly hear from the Israeli government that police had no choice but to protect citizens from “terrorists”.

Ma’an News has some thoughts on that HERE:

Hence, it should also matter little to those same individuals whether or not Palestinian youth such as Isra’ Abed, 28, shot repeatedly on October 9 in Affula – and Fadi Samir, 19, killed by Israeli police a few days earlier, were, in fact, knife-wielding Palestinians who were in a state of self-defense and shot by the police. Even when video evidence emerges countering the official Israeli narrative and revealing, as in most other cases, that the murdered youth posed no threat, the official Israeli narrative will always be accepted as facts, by some.

Isra’, Fadi, and all the rest are ‘terrorists’ who endangered the safety of Israeli citizens and, alas, had to be eliminated as a result.

CBS News does the math of who’s actually dying HERE:

What began as a disagreement over access to a Jerusalem holy site important to Jews, Christians and Muslims has erupted into a massive outpouring of violence that has so far killed 30 Palestinians and 5 Israelis.

And while Palestinians are being murdered in the streets by Jewish Israeli citizens who are “defending themselves” and Israeli Jewish military are gunning down Palestinian youth in the streets with live bullets while they’re armed with only rocks (and regularly unarmed in many cases) – the Israeli government’s actions speak volumes: we will protect you if you’re Jewish and if you’re not – you’re not one of us.

In 2014 – Israel killed more Palestinians than in any other year since 1967; it killed 2,300 and injured 17,000 (source).

In Israel – Jewish citizens can burn an 18 month old Palestinian baby and her family alive without being brought to account for hate crimes (source) but a Palestinian throwing stones can get 20 years in jail and is called a terrorist.

And while there are those who would say the Israelis have no choice but to defend themselves from these attacks – those same voices seem not to care when the Palestinian is the victim and the Jew is the aggressor.

They rarely acknowledge that less than 10 Israeli Jews have been the victims of attacks while that’s called Tuesday in Palestine.  Paid for by the American taxpayer.

This is the inevitable result of an Israeli government that occupies the land of the Palestinian people, oppresses them and offers no justice with apartheid laws that treat Jews differently from non-Jews and an Israeli government that has no interest in actually finding peace with its neighbor.

The Israeli government is the occupying power here, they’re in violation of international law and they’re responsible for ignoring more UN resolutions than any other country in the world (source).  Fact.

2 Responses to "Palestinian Teenagers (aged 13) Gunned Down In Streets: Left to die a slow death"

Indian people around the world have come out to say that this pic is from a Bollywood movie called The King Of Ants. Another Pallywood production. Don'[t you have a conscience? The truth that bears re-posting about the name “Palestine” and who the “true Palestinians” were. Etymology of name “Palestine” is from the Hebrew פְּלֶשֶׁת (p’léshet, “Philistia, land of the Philistines”), later transliterated into the Ancient Greek Παλαιστίνη (Palaistínē, “Philistia and the surrounding region”), and finally, with Emperor Hadrian’s conquest of Judea and its capital, Jerusalem, it became the Latin Palaestīna (“Roman province of Palestine”). The Philistines were migrators from the Aegean and were considered to be Greeks. The Philistines had no connection with Arabia culturally, ethnically, historically, or linguistically. The countries we recognize today as Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and a portion of Syria, known anciently as “Canaan” not Palestine. The Canaanites assimilated into the Twelve Tribes of Israel, through conversion and marriage. Now about the name “Canaan”. Canaan was the name of the fourth son of Ham, the youngest son of Noah, the father of all humanity (Genesis 9:18). Canaan would bestow his name to the much-coveted country of Canaan and the people who live there. The original Canaanites (an ethnically diverse group of people) were displaced by Israel (Deuteronomy 7:1.Please learn some archaeology, etymology and history. The Truth will be revealed in spite of those who are stubbornly arrogant in their ignorance.

Never use Religious books to support any claim. The Old testament is basically a description of the customs and tradition of the Land in the Near East. Myths are powerful stories, but never any good foundation to relate to archaeology and ethnicity. I have posted countless articles on the origin and history of Palestine, Israel and the Near East civilization

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