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Marry a woman over 40:

All the advantages and none of the “growing up” headaches

Were most of these observations clarified by Andy Rooney?
I appreciate and have high esteem to women of a certain age
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En vieillissant, j’estime les femmes de 40 et plus.

Une femme de plus de 40 ans ne vous réveille jamais au milieu de la nuit pour vous demander: ‘À quoi tu penses?’ Elle ne s’en préoccupe plus.

Si une femme de plus de 40 ans ne veut pas regarder le match à la télé, elle ne s’assoit pas près de toi pour pleurnicher. Elle fait quelque chose qu’elle veut faire et de plus intéressant.

Les femmes de plus de 40 ans, sont pleines de dignité. Elles complimentent souvent les autres car elles savent ce que c’est que de ne pas être apprécié.

Les femmes deviennent psychologues en vieillissant. Vous n’avez jamais à vous confesser de vos péchés à une femme de plus de 40 ans.

Après une ride ou deux, une femme de plus de 40 ans est beaucoup plus sexy que sa collègue plus jeune.

Les femmes plus âgées sont franches et honnêtes. Elles vous diront immédiatement que vous êtes stupide si vous agissez comme tel.

Vous n’avez même pas à vous demander où vous en êtes avec elles.

Pour toutes les femmes formidables, débrouillardes, bien coiffées et séduisantes de plus de 40 ans; il y a un chauve, mal rasé, bedonnant et en pantalon jaune, qui fait un fou de lui avec une serveuse de 22 ans.

Mesdames, en leur nom, je m’excuse.

Pour tous ces hommes qui disent, ‘Pourquoi acheter la vache quand vous pouvez avoir le lait gratuit?’, Voici une mise à jour pour vous.

De nos jours, 80% des femmes sont contre le mariage.

Pourquoi? Parce que les femmes réalisent que ça ne vaut pas la peine d’acheter un cochon entier juste pour avoir une petite saucisse!

Andy Rooney est vraiment un gars brillant!

Transférez ceci à toutes les femmes de plus de 40 ans pour qu’elles ne dépriment pas à cause de leur âge.

Transférez ceci à tous les hommes, sans exception.

How American taxpayers are funding Israeli settlements?

At 2 a.m. one day last week, a group of Israeli settlers, protected by riot police, moved into 25 apartments in 7 Palestinian-owned buildings in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

Some of these apartments were vacant or recently constructed. In other cases, residents were away from home for the night.

In one case, a young man had purchased an apartment to move into with his bride following their wedding.

Instead, the couple is now enmeshed in a legal struggle with the settlers who have set up residence in their marital home.

The biggest surprise of all? You, American taxpayers, may have helped fund this takeover.

A Rabbi explains it according to Jewish law:
In the Talmud, the students of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai ask why the Torah deals more severely with a burglar than with a mugger.

Their teacher’s response: A mugger, who robs face-to-face, fears neither human beings nor God. But a burglar, who sneaks in when no one is looking, is afraid of human beings but shows no fear of God.

In its use of subterfuge, shadow companies, and dead-of-night incursions, Elad represents the worst kind of thief.”

  October 14, 2014.
Andrew Bossone  commented and shared this link

I presented two points on South African radio about what’s happening in Jerusalem:

1) Israeli government decisions today close off areas in Jerusalem and Palestinians accused of attacks will be stripped of permanent residency and their homes confiscated provide legal cover to previous actions.

Jerusalem was already blocked to Palestinians under 50, and now it is essentially a closed military zone.

Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem do not have Israeli citizenship.

About 13,000 Palestinians have been stripped of their residency in Jerusalem since 1967.

Last week settlers backed by the Israeli military took over about 25 Palestinian apartments.

2) Two types of violence are occurring.

The first is by individuals and groups, Palestinian and Israeli, attacking individuals.

The second is by the state of Israel, often shoot to kill by police and soldiers.

While there have been knife attacks by Palestinian individuals, videos have shown Palestinians shot to death despite no evidence of a weapon and not appearing to pose any threat.

Once, a Jew knifed another Jew thinking he was a Palestinian. (And these occurrences will increase since they look alike in these frenzied climate)

An American non-profit is making peace even less likely.

Elad, the settler group that organized this incursion, raises $6 million a year in the United States through the Friends of Ir David Foundation.

As a nonprofit, donations to FIDF are tax deductible; funders can write off their gifts, which means that all of us who pay U.S. taxes helped subsidize the new settlement.

That’s in direct opposition to official U.S. policy, which seeks a two-state solution and prohibits American aid to settlements over the Green Line.

Even more directly, if you’ve travelled to Israel (as nearly half of American Jews, and a staggering number of American Christians, have), you may have visited the Ir David archaeological site, which includes Hezekiah’s tunnel and other finds from Biblical Jerusalem.

(For over a century, Zionist failed to discover any evidence of Jewish Kingdoms or civilization)

A huge percentage of its 500,000 annual visitors are American, and it’s a hallowed stop on tours organized by synagogues, churches and schools.* That $15 admission fee paid by all those people?

Money for settlers.

Even the excavation of Ir David has damaged or destroyed Palestinian homes, while infuriating archaeologists who complain that Elad prioritizes politics over responsible archaeology.

Elad has a long history of working to transform Silwan from a Palestinian neighborhood into a Jewish one.

The idea is to make “facts on the ground,” in the parlance of the conflict, that will obstruct the possibility of any two-state solution that includes a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

Elad evicts Palestinians from their homes by exploiting legal loopholes or incomplete property records, it builds entirely new settler compounds, it uses archaeological sites to establish Jewish claims to certain strategic parcels of land, and it even erected a new visitors’ center on a contested piece of real estate.

Some, like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wonder why Israeli Jews and Palestinians can’t live side by side in Silwan.

But anyone who has visited the neighborhood recently knows that what is happening there is not about, say, diversifying the neighborhood. It’s a hostile takeover.

New fortified buildings topped by Israeli flags tower over the homes of longtime residents. Settlers walk through the neighborhood carrying guns, accompanied by armed guards.

Meanwhile, the municipality virtually always denies Palestinians permits to build new homes or to renovate their old ones. Those Palestinians who dare to build anyway have their homes demolished, and—to add insult to injury—receive bills for the demolition and the cleanup of rubble.

In this case, Elad claims to have purchased the apartments legally, via a U.S.-based shadow company.

The Palestinians dispute these claims. While it will take some time to sort out the legal issues, we can say this: A person who has legally purchased a new home does not generally move in under cover of night, flanked by riot police.

And Americans, Elad donors and pilgrims to Israel, are, in some indirect but important way, complicit.

Jewish law strongly forbids aiding or abetting a thief. In one of the most important guides to Jewish law, Moses Maimonides rules that “It is forbidden to purchase stolen goods from the thief. . . for anyone who does such things or similar ones strengthens the hands of sinners. . . it is [also] forbidden to derive any benefit from a stolen object.”

Those of us who donate to Elad, or pay admission to the Ir David archaeological site, aid and abet those who steal homes and land in order to prevent peace. As we ooh and aah over the excavations, we derive pleasure from these thefts.

The good news is that we have the power to prevent these settlers from blocking a lasting peace agreement.

This past spring, an Israeli court granted Elad control of Robinson’s Arch—the section of the Western Wall where men and women may pray together—as well as adjoining archaeological sites. T’ruah, the organization I direct, mobilized more than 1,000 rabbis and American Jews to oppose this transfer.

The Reform and Conservative Movements of Judaism lodged their own complaints.

The Prime Minister’s office responded with a promise to prevent the site from falling into the hands of Elad, and just last month, a judge overturned the earlier decision. Our voices matter.

With its insistence on shoehorning Jewish settlements into longstanding Palestinian neighborhoods, Elad prioritizes its short-sighted political agenda over the long-term security of the State of Israel, alongside a viable State of Palestine.

Imagine if instead, U.S. donors invested money in a lasting peace solution that grants both Jews and Palestinians a safe place in Jerusalem; allows Jews, Christians and Muslims to access their holy sites; and ends the decades-old conflict that has already claimed too many lives.

Note: In the last 14 days, Israel shot dead 43 Palestinian youth and injured 1,400. Many didn’t even carry a knife.

The Shadow Power always superseded real power of Empires.

Most empires acquired their standing power in the first decades of their expansion. Consider Rome, Arabic Empire, Mogul, Ottoman empire…

Later on, the internal strife that occurred in the Capital of an empire among the warring internal political groups didn’t disturb the peace and cohesion in the extended empire. This might have been due to slow communication facilities and valuable timely news.

It was the Shadow Power that sustained the standing power of an empire for a period.

The failed uprising and revolts against the central power were due to wrong timing.

When a uprising is declared, the internal disturbance in the capital is at an end which allowed dispatching a retaliatory expedition.

The news of an expedition on the move usually broke the spirit of the revolted forces and a major dispersion of the enemy set in.

This is tightly linked to the Shadow Power of prestige of the new leader of the empire: The leader enters an occupied city or land with show of force and military fanfare in order to impress upon the moral of the occupied people.

For example, when France occupied the German Ruhr impressive industrial complexes in order to secure war reparation after WWI, it did it timidly so that Not to disturb the normal life of the German. That was a capital error which encouraged the German to engage in mass civil disobedience and forced France army to withdraw shortly after.

Wealth Power is also connected a shadow power Not directly related to actual wealth.

If gold and silver can be readily transacted everywhere, the real sustainable wealth resides in the varieties of goods and services that can be readily traded in foreign markets. Good and services that most nations need and are willing to trade them with whatever wealth it has.

The USA and England had most of the reserves in Gold but refused to use this Shadow Power at the expense of the miseries of millions of their citizens for an entire decade.

The USA and England  had real wealth but their production were not readily traded in the world market since it takes time to revert from war production to civilian production.

They refused to trade their dominion on gold reserves in order to preserve their shadow wealth.

Minerals needed in industrialized nations might not be of significant interest to countries that failed to institute an industrial base.

Even hope has its own shadow power by contributing to increased birth rate (natality).

Feeling of confidence in a political system or currency have inherent shadow powers.

For example, after WWI, Germany had no capital or major gold reserve and its worthless paper money didn’t reach zero because of confidence in the resurgence of Germany economic recovery.

The German people didn’t succumb to miseries as did the USA and English people after the war. However, they felt shortages when Nazism came to power and started preparation for war production.

England export shrank to half and wanted badly the large German market to get back on its feet. This is the main reason that England fought ferociously to reduce Germany war reparation from 350 billion marks to 135 bn.

The real power was the availability of sources of energy, and coal was king while oil (diesel powered engines were beginning to make the break or die appearance in merchant and navy ships). The shadow power was in the sustainability of industrial production of needed products.

Germany invested its hard earned currencies in $ and Pounds in the USA and acquired enterprises that would ship essential materials and resources to Germany, and using German merchant ships.

The funds in Germany were scarce with an over inflated currency (a financial gimmick to pay off war reparation with sacksful of Marks), but the industries in Germany were booming and re-surpassed England in export, acquiring major world market as before the war.

In 1913, Germany exported 13 billion of marks, and was the second exporter behind the USA, even though it lacked Capital. Germany managed this feat within less than 2 decades due to an educational method that encouraged independent scientists.  England and France had accumulated the most of Capital.

Actually, England prepared and planned WWI since 1906 after it realized that it couldn’t compete with Germany. The strategy was to blockade all the import/export ports that Germany used.

France succumbed to England’s wooing for the next decade and contributed the largest land army in Europe.

Actually, the USA and England enjoyed a monopoly on exporting coal, but Germany extracted as much coal as England (300 million tons), while the US produced double that quantity. France mined 40 million tons when it needed 60.

It was the US that broke the monopoly of England (tripling the export price to nations lacking coal), this strategic good to industrial countries like Italy, Japan, Spain and France.

For example, England exercised its monopoly on rubber which forced the USA to occupy the Philippines and plant rubber trees.

The monopoly of England in the oil concessions in the 5 continent forced the USA to snatch most of these concession one at a time, starting in 1930 during its acute economic recession.

During WW2, the US and England bombed and destroyed Germany infrastructures (railroad junctions, airfields, military arsenals, and even entire cities). However, the Ruhr industrial complexes for steel and chemical productions were left intact.

Why? Because the US and England had invested in these companies and owned larges shares. And Germany got back quickly on the saddle after the war and hired thousands of foreign workers converging from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece…

Note: The theme of this post was inspired by the French Dr. Gustave Le Bon  “The disequilibrium of the world” (1924)




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