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Woo to pseudo-democratic States: Overrun by criminal mafia organizations

Posted on: October 20, 2015

Woo to pseudo-democratic States: Overrun by criminal mafia organizations

A pseudo-democracy lacks fair election laws and election process is controlled by finances.

What is common between the common people and their enemies is plainly the sword.

War for liberty must be carried out with rage”  Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

“I’ll slaughter you without anger or hate, like a butcher” Baudelaire

A former chief of Germany counter-spying organ, Eckart Wertheback stated:

“Organized crimes secretly influence our lives: Economically, social order, public administration and legal system…

A transnational organized mafia has tremendous financial power to purchase the latest in technologies (far ahead of public internal forces) and to dictate its laws and values to politics.

Gradually, independence of the justice system, credibility in State political decisions and actions, the inability of the government to provide protection and to safeguard citizens’ rights, privacy and liberty deteriorate quickly.

Corruption become the norm and crimes is institutionalized in all the public hierarchy.

Quick profit, endemic corruption, physical threats and blackmailing tactics spread and debilitate the will of the citizens to confront this terrible and deeply seated hydra.”

A criminal cartel is primarily an economic organization, based on capitalistic ideology, structured for the highest returns on investment and run according to a vertical chain of commands and control, like an army.

It basically has the same mode of organization as the traditional multinational enterprises, with the exception of an explicit military hierarchy, mostly relying on clannish and ethnic associations, and acting with extreme violence.

The mafia learned to blend in the community and resume their tasks unnoticed.

The three main problems are:

1. Crime has been internalized as a banal act. There seems to exist an obscure red line where the number of victims in certain localities and communities are perceived as not worth investigating seriously and Not prosecuted by the international communities.

2. The Low visibility of the mafia leaders make it hard for the legal system to carry out on any leads. The mafia leaders make it a serious infringement to the rule to take pictures of them, any media coverage or try to find out more on them.

3. The crimes are done in the blackest of the nights, in great secrecy. The financial crimes follow the same procedure and methods as done by the multinational corporations.

How to re-instate the will of all citizens to fight back mafia corruption methods?

1. First, the state has to reform into a fully democratic system in order to win the credibility and confidence of the people ready to vote and to participate in the democratic process.

2. The government has win over the people to shoulder their share in combatting criminal activities by educating them on how criminal organization function, how they target the public servants, how they behave… And then how to call and report suspected activities and criminals.

3. To win the confidence of the citizens, the government has to focus its financial investigations on the public servants because they are the main source of support and facilitators of corruption in any system.

4. The indictment of a few high profile administrators has a high impression impact for a good duration, but the constant targeting of lover administrators and officials is the main handicap to criminal organizations.

5. The lower levels in the administrations are the transmission chain to the highest levels to influence and extort favors, even if the official is well intentioned to do what is right.

Generally, it is by cracking down on criminal activities that a political system gains the confidence of the people in order to move to the bolder phase of instituting a fair election laws.

A government enjoying a broad support from the main political parties, syndicates and association can strengthen the investigative institutions, financial and criminal investigators.

These investigative organs function effectively when they are backed by and activities coordinated with skilled and professional secret security agents who have the means to the latest technologies and the knowhow to follow the money trails and the hierarchy of the criminal organization. In Germany, the criminal investigative bodies include such professionals.

Note 1: Did you hear of the Turkish mafia Buyuk-baba (Grandfather)? Or the Russian  Vor v Zakone (Thieves within the law)? Or Toto Riina (The Beast)? Or Giovanni Brusca (The Pork)?

Note 2: The theme was inspired by Jean Zeigler in “Les seigneurs du crime“1998

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