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Phobias or psychotic dysfunctions among Lebanese?

While psychology specialists often disagree on the interpretation of many mental issues and their cures, they all agree that Lebanon is made of one exceptional sample of weirdly complexed, mentally unstable and creepingly freaky population of psychos.

lebanese top phobias in beirut

In fact, we are not to be blamed for that.

The wars we’ve been through, the corruption we are trying to survive and our eager need to enjoy life has molded us into a complex mixture of happiness and fear.

From this unique mixture, internationally renown shrinks have extracted the below Top 10 list of Phobias, highly diagnosed in Lebanon:

– Fostan’o’phobia (dress) : The fear of going to a wedding and finding out that another woman is wearing the same dress.

lebanese fear of same dress phobia

– Ascenceur’o’phobia : The fear of being stuck in the elevator all night without food, water, and, God forbid, without cell phone signal.

lebanon stuck in elevator phobia

– Tejmil’ o’phobia : The fear of growing older without having placed enough money aside for plastic surgery.

lebanon fear of plastic surgery

– 7seb’o’phobia  (the dolorosa): The fear of ordering the check at a restaurant, knowing that this will entail a violent WWF wrestling match.

phobia of paying bill in lebanon

– Jorsa’phobia (Being shamed): The fear of taking your parents out in public and witness their horrific oldies dance moves or them getting food to the beach in a bag.

funny lebanese parents dancing

– Pharmachi’o’phobia : The fear of bumping into your gossip loving neighbor, while you’re at the pharmacy, buying condoms or worse off…a pregnancy test.

fear of buying condoms in lebanon

– Sha7ta’phobia : The fear of being looked down at, then rejected, in front of everyone, by the bouncer at White or Skybar.

white skybar beirut bouncer entrance

– Saffeh ’phobia  (Parking): The fear of not finding a place to park and be forced to surrender your car to a Valet which will take your life’s savings only to point you to where he parked it.

valet parking in lebanon

– Bronz’o’phobia : The fear of summer ending without having taken enough sun tan for the rest of the year.

tanning suntan in lebanon

– ShilTante’o’phobia : The fear of tasting a disgusting dish cooked by your friend’s mom, only to be forced to eat it all and act as if it was delicious.

shil tante taybin lebanon

Which of these phobias do YOU suffer from? Confess in the comment box!

When 19th century economist David Ricardo thesis is globalized: Shit hits the fan

What this David Ricardo wrote?

Any good or service will be produced where the cost is the lowest

Made sense. Within a nation, many impoverished provinces would start receiving investment because of the lower living standard and cheaper ways to produce goods and services.

During the Cold War, the western democracies felt pressured to safeguard a minimum level of social protection to its citizens. Syndicates for workers were permitted to grow, wage were negotiated and democratic control on the economy was functioning.

Any reform that would prevent the political system Not to be high-jacked by socialists and communists were discussed and passed.

Voting for the communist and socialist parties was the nightmare to control and check.

After the fall of Berlin Wall, globalization of the economy and finance was made imperative and the common people faced the total indifference of the multinational conglomerates and backed by the capitalist states.

Marx used the term “Foreign powers” to describe how financial capital and industrial capital occupy a nation and trample whatever free will existed in the communities. These foreign powers were the enemy of the people by reducing people to trading value, and most often driving them to slavery status.

How globalization works?

1. The third wold nations compete among one another to reduce social protection in order to attract investment of the multinational conglomerate. Syndication is banned, prohibition of negotiation for wages and salaries, manifestation deemed illegal, corruption at all levels in the administration…

2. The transfer of production and service centers, including research laboratories, overseas pressure the developed States to reduce social protection for its working class in order to retain the industries at home. For examples, deregulations, easy firing of employees, fluid work force, diminished salary hikes, high unemployment, cutting on social benefits…

3. Workers all around the world compete with one another to secure any kinds of jobs at bare living subsistence

4. The autochthone workers start hating migrant workers and part-time workers: racism is blooming.

This invisible hand of blatant capitalism is destroying even further the dignity of people, of work, and spoiling nature, degrading vast areas of lands and devaluing the natural resources.

Since 1990, many alternative reforms within the capitalist ideology have started to deliver reforms within the notion of Conscious Capitalism that would change behaviour from short-term profit to shareholders into sharing with stakeholders (employees, consumers, community and governance)

Note: 1% captured 50% of world wealth?




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