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How free are you? Who is Jose Mujica Cordano?

President of Uruguay gave indicators of the level of liberty/Freedom you may be enjoying:

1. I have time to do what I like to do

2. The struggle for freedom must be linked to your disposable time to be free

3. Learn to cultivate sobriety, to better distribute your resources to what you really want to do

4. Set aside enough time to converse with yourself

5. Have the opportunities to get up each time you fall or fail

6. The right to fight for causes that entitle you to keep dreaming

7. Recognize that being alive is a miracle in progress

8. Realize that it is far easier to change modes of economic productions and man-made systems that to alter culture.

9. Internalise the fact that whatever you consume is the result of how much life you spent to earn the good or service you purchased

10. Got to make this choice: Either you live happy with little baggage or you fail to accomplish much in your life. And that is the core of the Sobriety principle.

Note: People who inherited the Capital invested by their forefathers, they are not spending much of their life to purchase anything from their accumulated rent, interests and profit shares. Cultivating sobriety is a much harder job for them.


BuzzFeed journalist attacked by far-right Jewish extremists in Paris

Police protect David Perrotin after incident that took place as LDJ activists protested against news agency AFP’s coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict

The protest outside AFP's offices in Paris
The protest outside AFP’s offices in Paris, with the LDJ flag visible. Photograph: Peter Allen/Twitter

A leading French journalist working for BuzzFeed was attacked by far-right Jewish extremists as a mob tried to storm the offices of the country’s national news agency in Paris on Thursday.

David Perrotin was protected by police after being surrounded by a dozen masked men brandishing batons.

The Ligue de Défense Juive was protesting against Agence France Presse’s coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Trouble broke out soon after 8pm when about 100 people brandishing flags and letting off flares tried to storm AFP’s offices.

As the crowd approached the entrance to the building, opposite the Paris stock exchange, tear gas was sprayed in their faces, and skirmishes with CRS riot police broke out.

Some of the demonstrators were shouting “We’re coming to get you!” at journalists, while others screamed: “Islamic terrorists!”

The words “AFP collabo” were also shouted in reference to the French collaborating with the Nazis during world war two.

Perrotin was covering the violence using Twitter, and at about 8pm tweeted: “A demonstrator told me ‘I warned the LDJ that you’re here Mr Perrotin.’”

The journalist has frequently exposed the work of the French branch of the Jewish Defence League, which is banned in both Israel and the US.

Perrotin was set upon by the gang, some of whom were masked. After being attacked, he managed to shelter behind police lines.

In June last year two LDJ members in Paris were found guilty of placing a bomb under the car of an anti-Zionist journalist. They were given prison sentences, but one absconded to Israel.

Despite the group’s reputation for violence, police on Thursday allowed LDJ flags – a black clenched fist against a yellow background – to be brandished openly.

Tony Blair (former UK PM) takes partial blame for Iraq War and creation of ISIS

(Even after over 23 years, Blair is lying through his teeth.

In the meantime, he has been racking $millions for speeches, talks and appointment as Palestinian/Israel head for 4 parties negotiation during the last 2 decades.

He knew the pieces of intelligence were wrong from the start but he wanted to reap the $billions that the USA dangled to him and give cover to the Alliance.)

Appearing on the US TV network CNN Tony Blair was asked directly whether the decision to enter Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein had been ‘a mistake’.

He replied: ‘You know whenever I’m asked this I can say that I apologise for the fact that the intelligence I received was wrong.

‘Because even though he had used chemical weapons extensively against his own people against others, the programme in the form we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought. So I can apologise for that.

‘I can also apologise, by the way, for some of the mistakes in planning and certainly our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you had removed the regime.

‘But I find it hard to apologise for removing Saddam. I think even from today 2015 it’s better that he is not there than he is there.’

Mr Blair was then asked whether the invasion of Iraq was the ‘principle cause’ of the rise of ISIS.

The former Prime Minister said: ‘I think there are elements of truth in that. But we have got to be extremely careful otherwise we will misunderstand what’s going on in Iraq and in Syria today.

‘Of course you can’t say that those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015.

‘But it’s important also to realise –

 One, that the Arab Spring which began in 2011 would also have had its impact on Iraq today. And

Two – ISIS actually came to prominence from a base in Syria and not in Iraq.

‘This leads me to the broader point, which I think is so essential when we are looking at policy today. We have tried intervention and putting down troops in Iraq. We’ve tried intervention without putting down troops in Libya.

‘And we’ve tried no intervention at all but demanding regime change in Syria.

‘It’s not clear to me that even if our policy did not work, subsequent policies have worked better.’

A 2002 briefing note from US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the President showed Blair had secretly pledged to back the conflict – while telling MPs and British voters that he was seeking a diplomatic solution.

In his CNN interview, Blair candidly asks for forgiveness for his blunder in not realising ‘what would happen once you removed the regime’.

The admission makes a mockery of the statement in the Powell memo that Blair would ‘demonstrate [to Bush] that we have thought through ‘the day after’ ‘ – a reference to the consequences of invasion.

However, the bloody chaos in the region continues to this day.

And in a separate development, former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett has revealed that he challenged Blair before the war about avoiding chaos after Saddam’s downfall.

Lord Blunkett says Blair failed to give him such ‘reassurances’ – and instead placed blind faith in the two main ‘hawks’ in the US administration, Vice-President Dick Cheney and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Lord Blunkett also vented his fury that Sir John Chilcot, who is leading the long-delayed inquiry into the Iraq War, had failed to ask him to give evidence.

‘I will not apologise for the conflict. I believe it was right.’ House of Commons 2004

‘I don’t think we should be apologising at all for what we are doing in Iraq. We should be immensely proud. I can’t take responsibility for people sending car bombs into a market place.’ TV interview , 2007 

I may have been wrong, but I did what I thought was right for our country.’ When he resigned as PM, 2007

[If he had known there were no WMDs] ‘I would still have thought it right to remove Saddam.’ TV interview, 2009

‘It was a headline question. It had to have a headline answer.

Answer ‘Yes’ and I knew the outcome: ‘Blair apologises for war’, ‘At last he says sorry’. I can’t say sorry in words; I can only hope to redeem something from the tragedy of death, in the actions of a life, my life, that continues still.’ Memoirs , 2010

‘When people say to me, ‘Do you regret removing him’, my answer is, ‘No – how can you regret removing somebody who was a monster?’ ‘ TV interview , 2013

Remarkably, Blair himself predicted how the apology U-turn he finally makes today would be reported.

In his 2010 memoirs, he explained why he had so far refused to say ‘yes’ when asked if he was sorry, because he knew it would prompt damaging headlines.

‘Answer ‘Yes’ and I knew the outcome: ‘BLAIR APOLOGISES FOR WAR’, ‘AT LAST HE SAYS SORRY’. I can’t say sorry in words.’

His apology is bound to prompt claims that he is trying to head off the scathing criticism of his handling of the Iraq War expected to be included in Chilcot’s findings.

All the key figures, including Blair and other senior Labour politicians, are understood to have been given notice of the broad thrust of Chilcot’s verdict on them, expected to be made public next year.

As a master of public relations and media manipulation, Blair may have calculated that since Chilcot is likely to accuse him of major errors of judgment, it is better for him to volunteer an apology now, rather than be forced to do so if, as seems certain, Chilcot’s damning assessment gives him little choice.

The former Prime Minister’s decision to make his apology in the US, as opposed to the UK, is also significant.

Far from presenting his apology in a harsh critical light, CNN interviewer Zakaria, a personal friend of Blair, showers praise on him for being the only interviewee in the programme who ‘took responsibility for Iraq’ on camera.

Most of the others involved in the show, senior US political and military figures, blamed each other.

The Colin Powell memo – which this newspaper found among declassified US State Department documents while searching through a cache of Hillary Clinton’s recently released emails – was written in March 2002, a week before Mr Blair met Mr Bush for a summit at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

In our report, which made headlines around the world, we revealed that Powell had said Blair ‘will be with us’ should the US take military action in Iraq and that the ‘UK will follow our lead’.

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Kamal Nader shared this link

توني بلير ، رئيس وزراء بريطانيا الأسبق ، وشريك جورج بوش في جريمة تدمير العراق وقتل اكثر من مليون مواطن من أبنائه وجعله مرتعاً للفوضى والإرهاب والمجازر ، يعترف بأن الحرب على العراق لم يكن لها مبر وكانت خديعة وافتراء ويعتذر ….فمتى تنكشف خديعة الحرب على سورية ؟؟

The extraordinary confession by the former Prime Minister came during a TV interview about the ‘hell’ caused by his and George Bush’s decision to oust Saddam Hussein.


Syrians in Lattaquieh speak the Ugarit (city-sate) slang (of 3,500 BC ago)

Another proof that Arabic is a slang of the Aramaic language prevalent in the Near-East region for many thousands of years. The language spoken by Jesus.

Most probably, the Greek and Latin ALPHABET are ordered according to the Byblos Alphabet.

 The cuneiform Sumerian alphabet used in Ugarit
‎Syria Heritage صفحة التراث السوري‎'s photo.

Syria Heritage صفحة التراث السوري


مملكة اوغاريت – (هدية من مسؤولة الصفحه بمناسبة 86 عام على اكتشاف اوغاريت )…
التشابه بين اللغة الاوغاريتية (1500ق.م) واللهجة العامية حاليا في

هذا التشابه واضح في أكثر من مجال … هناك بعض المفردات وبعض أشكال من قواعد الصرف قد بقيت في اللغة المحلية الدارجة من النصوص الأوغاريتية، مثال جملة (شبع بكي ) وبالإضافة إلى ذلك إسقاط حرف النون في اللغة الأوغاريتية كما هو الحال في لغة اهل اللاذقيه حاليا: ( بت ) عوضاً عن ( بنت )، ( أت ) عوضاً عن (أنت )….. أف ( أنف)…. حطة (حنطة). الأوغاريتية التي ما تزال تعيش بيننا كثيرة جداً، فإذا سمعت ابن اللاذقية يقول حتى اليوم: «ما فا الدَّجِن بببيتنا» فهو يقصد «لا يوجد الدجن في بيتنا» والدجن اسم آلهة القمح «داجن»، ويُقصد به في اللاذقية الخبز.

وكلمة (عَيّن ) في اللاذقية تعني انظر ، مثال ايضا كلمة :أَيْلِيى (التي تستخدم في الجبال للتعجب ) هي بالحرف :يا إلاهي .
“إيل ” هو كبير الهة الكنعانيين و من ثم الفينيقيين والياء ضمير المتكلم (بدليل آخر كلمة قالها المسيح على الصليب كما ورد في الاناجيل . متى ٢٧/٤٦: «إِيلِي، إِيلِي، لِمَا شَبَقْتَنِي؟» أَيْ: إِلهِي، إِلهِي، لِمَاذَا تَرَكْتَنِي؟ )…..
أبجدية أوغاريت مكونة من ثلاثين حرفاً وتأخذ شكل الترتيب الأبجدي المعروف (أبجد هوز حطي كلمن……
ولا تختلف عن العربية إلا في غياب الضاد عنها وفي وجود حرف سين ثاني…
أبجدية جبيل دونت في القرن العاشر قبل الميلاد ، وهي مكونة من 22 حرفاً وهي تطوير لأبجدية أوغاريت ويقول جبرائيل سعادة (هو علاّمَة في الاثار وكاتباً وأديباً وموسيقياً من اللاذقية):” إنه لأمر باعث على التأثر أن نفكر بأن أطفال اليوم في عدد كبير من البلدان يتعلمون حفظ الأبجدية بالترتيب الذي اختاره لها كاتب من أوغاريت منذ 34 قرناً من الزمن”…..
يوجد بعض الحارات في اللاذقيه ينطقون بكلمات عاميه في نهايتها ( هنه) مثال : اخدوهنه …ضربوهنه ….جابوهنه..يعتقد ان الاوغاريتيين كانوا يضيفون (هنه الى بعض كلماتهم )
كلمات أوغاريتية صرفة لا نزال نستخدمها في العاميه:
خزق :مزق
إجر: رجل
شلف: رمى
شقل: حمل
دبلان: مريض
هوبر: بمعنى صرخ
كسم : شكل
بعدين :ثم
سكّر: أغلق
جورة : حفرة
حشك : حصر
الزراعة بعلا: (بعل كان اله الخصب والزراعة والنمو والحياة في اوغاريت)
بعض الأفعال الاوغاريتية: أحب ، أخذ ، أكر ، قبل ، قابل ، سأل ، سقى ، بنى ، كتب، شرب ، ورث ، فرش، صلى ، صاح ، سكن ، سار ، فتح

وبعض الأسماء: برق ، دمع ، كبد ، كلب ، شعر، كرم ، ملك ، ذئب، إصبع ، وحيد ، يتيم ، نجار ، نسر ،مطر ، نفس ، لسان ، لبوة ، كأس ، قصيدة،ظلمة ، تنين ، ذبيحة ، سماء، شرع ، حكمة ، حليب.
……………….منقول من عدة مصادر بتصرف …مسؤولة صفحة التراث السوري IBN


Illusionest Sand's photo.

Illusionest Sand to مجلة علم و عالم…/

هل تتذكرون كيف كان تدريسنا اللغَةَ والاحرفَ يتم في مدارسنا :” ابجد هوّز حُطّي كَلَمَن قرشَت ” الخ …
السبب الاساس هو ان اقدم ابجدية صنعتها امتنا الحضارية كانت مرتبة بهذا الشكل ، اعني ابجدية اوغاريت ثم ابجدية جبيل ، وقد اخذت الابجدية اليونانية عنها الترتيب نفسه فجاءت احرفها الاولى : الفا بيتّا غامّا دِلتا ”
كذلك فان اللغات الاوروبية تتبع الترتيب نفسه مع بعض التعديل فنجد ان الاحرف الاولى هي :A B C D ثم نجد “كلَمَن ” و ” قرشَت” بالترتيب التالي :K L M N وQ R S T .
إن ترتيب الاحرف الاوغاريتية جعل احرف كل لغات العالم تسمى ” ابجدية ” او “ALPHABET” نسبةً الى الفا بيتا او الف باء .
وهناك امورٌ حضاريةٌ اخرى : فمنا كان اول ” سفر تكوين ” واول” قصة خلق “للانسان من الطين واول قصة عن” الطوفان” واول ميثولوجيا عن “الصراع بين الخير والشر” ، وكانت “الافعى” دائماً هي رمز الشر وهي التي تحرم الانسان الحياة والخلود .وعندنا كان اول تنظيم للزمن وعرفنا ان الارض تدور حول الشمس في 365 يوماً و5 ساعات ونظّمنا الاشهر والايام والاسابيع كما اشرنا سابقاً .وعندنا كانت اول مدرسة واول مستشفى واول بطارية لعلاج القلب واول شرائع وقوانين واول علوم وامور كثيرة …
هذه بعضٌ من بصماتنا الحضارية مطبوعة في العالم الى اليوم ولكن صرنا متخلفين عن العلم والابداع بسبب الغزوات الهائلة التي تعرضنا لها وما زلنا نعاني منها ونصارع للبقاء ثم للإنطلاق في نهضة جديدة تعتمد العقلَ والعلمَ والمعرفة





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