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How free are you? Who is Jose Mujica Cordano?

Posted on: October 27, 2015

How free are you? Who is Jose Mujica Cordano?

President of Uruguay gave indicators of the level of liberty/Freedom you may be enjoying:

1. I have time to do what I like to do

2. The struggle for freedom must be linked to your disposable time to be free

3. Learn to cultivate sobriety, to better distribute your resources to what you really want to do

4. Set aside enough time to converse with yourself

5. Have the opportunities to get up each time you fall or fail

6. The right to fight for causes that entitle you to keep dreaming

7. Recognize that being alive is a miracle in progress

8. Realize that it is far easier to change modes of economic productions and man-made systems that to alter culture.

9. Internalise the fact that whatever you consume is the result of how much life you spent to earn the good or service you purchased

10. Got to make this choice: Either you live happy with little baggage or you fail to accomplish much in your life. And that is the core of the Sobriety principle.

Note: People who inherited the Capital invested by their forefathers, they are not spending much of their life to purchase anything from their accumulated rent, interests and profit shares. Cultivating sobriety is a much harder job for them.

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