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Double suicide-bomb attack in densely populated Borj Barajneh of Beirut: The hero of the day is Adel Termos

Posted on: November 13, 2015

Double suicide-bomb attack in densely populated Borj Barajneh of Beirut

The hero of the day is Adel Termos. He tackled the second suspicious terrorist and prevented him from detonating his 2 kilos of C4 inside the Mosque.

The first terrorist was also carrying 2 kilos in addition to 7 kilos on his motor bike. He dropped the second terrorist 40 meters away. For some reason, the bike was detonated by control while the first terrorist was walking away in order to enter the mosque and was blasted with scores of bystanders.

Note that a kilo of C4 is equivalent to at least 6 times a kilo of TNT.

The 3 year old Haidar watched his 2 parents burning: He is now in intensive care.

The number of the fallen victims has been increasing steadily.  Many of the injured died. The current count is 43 dead and over 240 injured.

I’m sad to say that even after today this number will still mean nothing. We’re a country that never learned and will never learn. It’s just a bomb. It will always be just a bomb.

We call them martyrs. But they did not choose to die that way, burned bodies melting on the tarmac of a neighborhood they called home.

Their fault was to live in an area that demographics and politics dictated would be related to this faction or the other.

Bassam Jalgha shared a link.

We call them martyrs, because it’s easier to lump them under one title, to pretend they’re all the same, to pretend that knowing their names is not important, to make it easier for us to comprehend.

We call them martyrs to dehumanize them, even more than the dehumanization that occurs with the politicization of those victims that’s contingent upon the area targeted.

But they are people. And they are somebody’s loved ones.

And there are families tonight that were whole and complete a few hours ago, and they are sitting now maimed and shattered because of cowards, of abominations that dare to call themselves human beings.

Tonight, politics are irrelevant.

Tonight is about the people and this country whose people are dying, and burning, and whose lives are being lost for absolutely no purpose.


Haidar lost his mother and father.

Shawki Droubi and Khodr Aleddine, a nurse, were lost to their families.

Hussein Mostapha passed away with his wife, leaving their son behind.

Samer, a Syrian father of two who fled horrors in his country, was killed in what he had feared back home, and

Hussein, a Palestinian man whose family sought refuge here, also passed away.

Alaa Awad, a third year law student, was also among the victims.

Rawan Awad was a school teacher.

Hanady Joumaa, Bilal Hammoud, Ahmad Awwada, Rawan Atwi were among the victims too.

This is Adel Termos
Fatima Ibrahim's photo.
Fatima Ibrahim's photo.

Note 1: Daesh claimed 3 terrorists participating in the crime: 2 Palestinians and a Syrian who got their indoctrination in the Syrian city of Raqqa 5 months ago. The Palestinians are not from the refugees in Lebanon. The Palestinian camp of Borj Barajneh is 400 meters away from the scene of the blasts. Daesh purpose is to alienate Hezbollah with the Palestinian refugees.

Note 2: The security in Lebanon is tight and terrorist acts are no longer carried by cars. Scores of terrorist cells are being dismantled but a few will manage to get through the net.

Note 3: Nobody is dupe in Lebanon.

The USA is the main power broker behind these current terrorist activities in Lebanon, as well as the previous terrorist attacks of last year. The mercenary State of Israel is frequently behind the planning of the US decisions in destabilizing the region and Lebanon.

The surprised advances of the Syrian army, supported by the Russian air power, incited the US to revert to its terror tactics by targeting this hapless Lebanon and its citizens.


2 Responses to "Double suicide-bomb attack in densely populated Borj Barajneh of Beirut: The hero of the day is Adel Termos"

Adonis. Words fail me. Today they talk with confidence about Jihad John, target and dead. He is only an actor, it is the contrivance, the intelligence, the underlying corporate interests that need true examination.

The superpower control all the mischievous tragedy. Blood of the poor is Money and they will Not relinquish power under any circumstances

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