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Kibbutz was meant to “reform” immigrant Jews. No peasants anymore in Israel: No need for Kibbutz

Posted on: November 15, 2015

Kibbutz was meant to “reform” immigrant Jews. No peasants anymore: No need for Kibbutz

Kibbutz was structured to train immigrant Jews to tending to the land: plant it, harvest it… without the need of the real Palestinian peasants in rural regions.

The last chapter of “Place de l’ Etoile“, the first published book of Patrick Modiano at age 21 (current Nobel Laureate of literature) narrates something to that effect:

Diagnosed with tuberculosis, I decided to finish my days in Israel. The Israeli admiral of the ship taking me to Tel Aviv (Spring Hill) approached me and said:

So you are French. I replied: Not quite. I am a French Jew.

They confined me in a locked cabin and confiscated all my books, paintings and pictures of Jewish authors and famous Jews such as Montaigne, Racine, Proust, Kafka, Chaplin, Modigliani, Soutine…

When we landed in Tel Aviv, the internal security tortured me for 3 days and nights, using the latest torture techniques.

They made sure that I should be reformed: No more whining of the errant Jew, the persecuted Jew, the diaspora…

The new immigrant should become a true peasant, vigorous, energetic, dynamic, uncultured.

Gone these myths of the critical minded Jew, this intelligent Jew, this financial savvy Jew…

You are no longer a European Jew. Desist from regurgitating all these hallucinations, phantasms, this light case of Yiddish paranoia.

Nazism is over. No one wants to harm you or discriminate against you.

Three months in a kibbutz will transform the way you deal with the European goyes. and your litany of complaints

In Israel, we are intent on strengthening your muscles and morale health.

From now on you are to memorize the works of Courtois, Sauvage, Guy de Larigaudie, Penfentenyo… French authors of manuals of great values such as national revolution, restoration of family values, the responsibly of the father…

The kibbutz disciplined life will strengthen your muscles. You’ll be denied of talking culture. The only songs admissible are military battalion songs…

All these Israeli torture officers were Nazi collaborators during the occupation of Paris and who were transferred to Israel in 1943.

In the name of the Gestapo, they murdered, robbed, participated in black market racketeering… they sold and traded with the German soldiers and officers and made hefty profits. They loved the German occupiers.

Note 1: A lengthy documentary in the ARTE channel demonstrated how kibbutz life is a matter of the past.

Financial institutions control and manage the remaining kibbutz. All spaces, locations, real estates that are no longer productive are rented out to people who can afford it. Archieve department, apartments, public restaurant, free facilities that are not generating profit are closed down. The older generation is forced into lazy pastures.

Note 2: The Israeli Hasbara propaganda in Europe and the USA is still adopting the old and tried litany of complaints and whining of persecution of Jews, Auschwitz, of ghetto indignities and discriminations…

But the cycle is closing in again:

1.  Israel is the largest ghetto for Jews. High walls and barriers separating them from their neighbouring Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians…

2. Israel apartheid policies are the worse kind in the world.

3. Israel is fast advancing toward a theocratic State

Note 3: If you believe that Israel economy is based on technology, it is the same as believing that Switzerland economy is based on exporting luxury watches.

Israel and Switzerland are the hubs for international financial criminal activities, white washing of drug money, human trading activities, sex trade, embezzling retired people with their saving, weapon exports, mafia leaders buying Israeli passports…

Israel criminal enterprises have branches in Cyprus (attached to the EU) to counter any deeper investigation into criminal activities



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