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Lebanese Food: From A to Z. This table of varied food dishes is called Mezzeh

Posted on: November 16, 2015

 Lebanese Food: From A to Z.

This table of varied food dishes is called Mezzeh.

Not Mazzeh as the famous prison in Syria.

And people still feel obliged to order a few main dishes, in addition to this flood of dishes where there are no more empty spaces to insert your finger.

I suggest they include a few Chinese, Japanese or South Asia sea weed stuff.

Food, food, glorious food.


Warning: this post will cause extreme hunger.

A is for Arak

B is for batata 7arra (spicy potatoes)

C is for cracked wheat (burghol)

D is for djeij (chicken)

E is for eggs with awarma

F is for falafel

G is for ghanouj, baba ghanouj

H is for hummus

I is for ice cream 3a Ashta

K is for knefe

L is for labne

M is for masheweh (skewered meats)

N is for nammoura

O is for olive oil

P is for pistachios

Q is for qatayef

R is for Riz (Rice)

S is for shawarma

T is for tabboule

U is for uncooked meats

V is for vegetables

W is for Wara2 3inab (stuffed grape-leaves)

X is for X-tra toum

Y is for yakhne (stew)

Z is for Zaatar

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