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You Don’t Want to Read this: Stop tactics that failed since 2001.

Posted on: November 17, 2015

You Don’t Want to Read this: Stop tactics that failed since 2001.

In Paris and anywhere else

I join the world in grieving for the dead in Paris. I have grieved for the dead from 9/11 forward —

The Australians who died in terror attacks on Bali in 2005, Londoners who died in terror attacks in 2005,

The French citizens who died in the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January of this year,

The Russians whose plane went down over the Sinai a week or so ago. (And the most recent attacks in Beirut Borj Barajneh, and in Kenya?)

I grieve also for those killed in smaller attacks already smuggled deep into the obscurity of our memory.

(All the over 50 Palestinian youth shot at point blank for throwing stones in the last month?)

(And all the terror attacks that Lebanon witnessed since 2000?)

And so we Tweet hashtags and phrases in high school French and post GIFs to Facebook. We know what to do; we’ve done this before.

But it has to be said, especially looking at the sick repetition of the same story, that despite fourteen plus years of a war on terror, terror seems to be with us as much as ever, maybe even more.

It is time to rethink what we have done and are doing.

Joanna Choukeir Hojeily shared this link of
You don’t want to read this, and I take no pleasure in writing it, and no one really wants to hear it right now.

Since that day in 2001, the one with those terrible sparkling blue skies in New York, we have spied on the world, Americans at home and foreigners abroad, yet no one detected anything that stopped the Paris attacks. We gave up much to that spying and got nothing in return.

Since 2001, the United States has led nations like Britain, France, Australia and others into wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, with drone attacks on people from the Philippines to Pakistan to all parts of Africa. We have little to nothing to show for all that.

Since 2001 the US has expended enormous efforts to kill a handful of men — bin Laden, al-Zarqawi, al-Awlaki, and this weekend, Jihadi John.

Others, many without names, were killed outside of media attention, or were tortured to death, or are still rotting in the offshore penal colony of Guantanamo, or the dark hell of the Salt Pit in Afghanistan.

And it has not worked, and Paris this weekend, and the next one somewhere else sometime soon, are the proof.

We gave up many of our freedoms in America to defeat the terrorists. (And going worse in regaining freedom acquired for 2 centuries of struggle)

It did not work. We gave the lives of over 4,000 American men and women in Iraq (Not counting the private security providers?), and thousands more in Afghanistan, to defeat the terrorists, and refuse to ask what they died for.

We killed tens of thousands or more in those countries. It did not work.

We went to war again in Iraq (for no reason but monopolizing oil export, and under false pretence), and now in Syria, before in Libya, and only created more failed states and ungoverned spaces that provide havens for terrorists and spilled terror like dropped paint across borders.

We harass and discriminate against our own Muslim populations and then stand slack-jawed as they become radicalized, and all we do then is blame ISIS for Tweeting.

Note that it is the strategy of Islamic terror to generate a crackdown in France in order to radicalise French Muslims.

Hundreds of French citizens have already traveled to Syria to fight with groups including ISIS.

(A documentary showed that those French citizens were not checked at airport, barely 40 seconds, and teenagers with faked passports passed quickly. Turkey was is faster in letting in passengers)

As one of the most intelligent commentators on all this, Bill Johnson, said, terrorism is about killing pawns to affect the king.

The attacks in Paris are not about the murder of 150 innocent people. Hell, that many die nearly every day in Iraq and Syria.

The true test for France is how they respond to the terror attacks in the long-game — that’s the king in all this.

America failed this test post-9/11; yet it does not sound like France understands anything more than America.

“We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” French president Hollande said outside the Bataclan concert hall, scene of the most bloodshed.

(Sounds like “You are with us or against us”)

If I had exactly the right strategy, I’d tell you what it is, and I’d try and tell the people in Washington and Paris and everywhere else.

But I don’t have the exact thing to do, and I doubt they’d listen to me anyway.

But I do have this: stop what we have been doing for the last 14 years. It has not worked.

There is nothing at all to suggest it ever will work. Whack-a-mole is a game, not a plan.

Leave the Middle East alone.

Stop creating more failed states.

Stop throwing away our freedoms at home on falsehoods.

Stop disenfranchising the Muslims who live with us.

(Let the US stop destabilizing 134 countries. Multinationals should not be State policies for dominion)

Understand the war, such as it is, is against a set of ideas — religious, anti-western, anti-imperialist — and you cannot bomb an idea.

Putting western soldiers on the ground in the MidEast and western planes overhead fans the flames. Vengeance does not and cannot extinguish an idea.

Start with those things and see, even if you won’t give it 14 years to succeed, if things improve.

Other than the death tolls scaling up further, I can’t imagine we could be doing anything worse.

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“(Let the US stop destabilizing 134 countries. Multinationals should not be State policies for dominion)

Understand the war, such as it is, is against a set of ideas — religious, anti-western, anti-imperialist — and you cannot bomb an idea”. You-tube Tony Benn RIP Stealth bombers are no different to suicide bombers – there must be another way forward. 14 years on and like a silent epidemic we do not know the hardship caused. Dr Annie Sparrow; The White Helmets tell us something of the barrel bombs that cause desolation in Syria.

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